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All presenters and public speakers face the same challenge; getting and keeping their audience’s attention. Psychologists at Princeton University suggest that people make judgments about the attractiveness, likeability, trustworthiness, and competence of other people after looking at their faces for just 100 milliseconds. No wonder so many presenters are anxious about the idea of speaking in[…]

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Have you been on the recieving end of a brilliant presentation recently? Perphaps you’ve given one yourself. Either way, you’ll know that giving a brilliant presentation at work isn’t easy. It doesn’t  involve reading slides, speaking in a monotone voice or dumping data on fellow professionals; that’s very easy to do! The reality is, no[…]

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people networking

At Mindful Presenter the underlying sentiment that fuels our business and drives everyone who works here is our core belief and ethos that ‘Connecting is everything’; it’s on our website, business cards, and etched in hearts and minds too. When we’re not helping businesses connect with their people we are helping speakers and presenters from[…]

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woman presenting using face microphone

  Is PowerPoint the first thing you turn to when you are called on to present? Simon Sinek’s inspirational TED talk ‘How great leaders inspire action’,is a wonderful example of how effective public speakers and presenters can be without using PowerPoint. With almost 15 milion YouTube hits, it’s easy to see why Simon has been described[…]

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woman presenting to an audience

  Presentation training isn’t simply about sharing knowledge, information and insights. It’s ultimately about helping you to connect with your audience. The next time you are called on to give a presentation, you can be certain that sitting before you will be a very diverse group of people. – Some won’t want to be there[…]

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person meditating in sunset

The key to mindful presenting is having clarity of your ‘M’ POINT? The distinction between mediocre and mindful presenting is real and highly visible. For the mediocre presenter, years of unconscious programming can lead to mechanical reactions. In other words, a presentation based on ‘information overolad’. Presenting everything you know and want to say on[…]

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