Forget the Elevator Speech – Just Press the Button

I enjoy networking although I really don’t care too much for the elevators speeches:

‘Good morning, my name is John and I’m a partner at ABC, solicitors, accountants, event planners, social media specialists, fish mongers, etc.

We are based in Richmond, have been in business for thirty years and not only offer excellent customer service but we offer great value too.’

And so it goes on…

Who cares?

The world is full of solicitors, accountants, fish mongers and presentation trainers; does everyone really have their own unique selling point?

The idea of having a strong USP has been around for decades and for the most part has served us very well. The trouble is, we live in a world today where most people are saying largely the same thing. They use the same words we have been using since the 1940’s; excellence, quality, customer service, speed, etc. We all want to stand out from the crowd and differentiate ourselves from our competitors. Our customers have evolved faster than the elevator speech.  Not only have they heard it all before, the last thing they have time for  especially at networking meetings  is the generic spiel.

Many of these have been meticulously rehearsed and often revolve around a model.

Perhaps its  – the 5 W’s:

– What does your company do?

– Who does your company do it for?

– Why do they care?

– Why is your company different?

– What is your company?

Or, it may be the 9 C’s:

– Concise

– Clear

– Compelling

– Credible

– Conceptual

– Concrete

– Customized

– Consistent

– Conversational

You could even find yourself on the receiving end of  an acronym:

OPEN UP – Organized, Passionate, Engaged, Natural, Understand, Practice

ICEPAC – Interest, Comprehension, Emphasis, Participation, Accomplishment, Confirmation

CREST – Comparison, Reason, Example, Statistics, Testimony

SPIN – Situation, Problem, Implication, Need

SNAP – Simple, iNvaluable, Align, Priorities

NEAT – Needs, Economic, Authority, Timeline

Perhaps its just me but when I’m looking for a service of any kind  I want someone who loves what they do, is really good at it and that I can trust them to what I want them to do at the right price.

It’s no wonder so many people are confused and anxious about the thought of speaking in public; after all, where do you really start?

The answer – Just Press the Button

What does that mean?

In our experience there are only two things  you need to do to press the button and neither match the traditional way you find people using at most networking events and pitches.

– Tell them why you do what you do and why you care

– Tell them how you can help them

At Mindful Presenter ‘We love to help people to find, value and express their true voice. We do that by showing professionals how to craft and deliver presentations with confidence, clarity and impact. Our passion is helping people to connect emotionally as well as intellectually in business presentations’

Now the conversation begins…

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  • Patricia Muir
    Posted on 11th March 2016 at 4:21 pm

    Relieved to read that someone feels the same way about “elevator speeches”, USP’s, and other networking conversation starter tactics. If the majority are using the same (current most popular) tactic, we have a cliche which is inauthentic by its nature.


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