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If one of your goals is to present with confidence in 2021, Mindful Presenter has the solution. Standing in front of colleagues or clients to speak can be a daunting experience. Public-speaking anxiety isn’t an affliction isolated to the meek or inexperienced. It has no respect for age, position or experience; it can trouble the[…]

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Group of young people with raised hands enjoying in a speedboat ride.

The penultimate word in the series of The A to Z of Mindful Presenting is arguably the most important; it’s YES. One of my wife’s favourite TV programmes is an American series called ‘Say Yes to the Dress’. The TV show revolves around Kleinfeld Bridal, the Manhattan-based bridal salon where, ‘more than 250 professionals, most[…]

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At Mindful Presenter we are at very successful at helping people to overcome their public speaking anxiety because we know that you can be very nervous and still give a great speech. The history books are full of speakers who by their own admission tell of how they were quivering, nauseous wrecks even moments before an[…]

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