• Public Speaking
    Anxiety Course

    Overcome your fear of public speaking and presenting with our public speaking anxiety course. If you’re tired of feeling really anxious at the very thought of presenting either in-person or virtually, our mindfully crafted public speaking anxiety course can help you.

Fear of public speaking

You’re about to give a presentation and it starts all over again. The nerves take over. Sweaty palms, dry mouth, racing heart, wobbly legs, tightness in your chest. Don’t forget the shallow breathing and  awful feeling that you’re about to make a fool of yourself.

Our 2-day public speaking anxiety course is the answer. This training course will equip and empower you with everything you need to know to overcome those unhelpful feelings of anxiety.

You’re not alone. The truth about public speaking anxiety is that nerves are completely normal. Most people feel some level of nerves before or during a presentation.  The fear of public speaking is real. The key to overcoming that anxiety is  learning how to control and manage the feeling of nerves. This coure will help you to build conidence through strategies to manage your nerves.

Most people have the feeling of ‘butterflies in their stomach’. Our 2- day public speaking anxiety course will show you how to get those butterflies flying in formation.

Do you have a fear of public speaking?

The mindful presenter, public speaking anxiety course will help you to control and manage your nerves to speak with confidence, ease and presence.

Our goal is to help you to learn how to begin enjoying public speaking and presenting.

A fear of public speaking and presenting can not only be extremely uncomfortable, it can be disabling and career limiting. At Mindful Presenter we know that it doesn’t have to be that way. There is a great deal you can do to change how you feel and work towards even enjoying presenting and public speaking.

Learn how to build confidence

Give yourself the gift of immersing yourself in two full days of completely safe, fun and enjoyable public speaking training.

The fear of public speaking and presenting can be troublesome to the most intelligent, talented, responsible and ordinarily confident people. It has nothing to do with age, experience, knowledge or status and everything to do with the mind.

Let us help you to speak with confidence, ease and enjoyment.

There is a great deal you can do to overcome your public speaking anxiety and build confidence.

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