How to own the stage – Lessons from a 10 year old

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Dalton Sherman is a shining example of how to own the stage.

Perhaps he’s had a little presention training but it’s worth seeing exactly how he  connects with, engages and truly inspires an audience with charm, authenticity and a real message. This may be an old video but I’ve watched and used it countless times over the years in our powerful public speaking courses.

If a young man of this age can capture the hearts and minds of 20,000 adults in just 9 minutes, it warms my heart to believe that there is hope for the rest of us. It really is worth taking a few minutes out of your busy schedule to watch this budding orator in action. Encircled on a huge platform in front of 20,000 teachers Dalton shows us the impact of stepping up with confidence to own the stage.

Watch him use the entire space making sure he connects with every segment of the audience as he moves with purpose relating directly to them. Listen out for his statesman like emphasis as he repeatedly delivers his signature phrase with passion; “Do you believe”.

There is little if any room for uncertainty as to what Dalton wanted from his audience – belief.

Something tells me that he not only walked away with plenty but that he inspired his audience to believe in themselves too.

Notice how the repetition continues with tempo and rhythm as he gracefully convinces a conference filled with teachers that he can do, be, create, and dream anything!

Just when you think he’s impressed you enough, listen out for his vocal variety as he slows down to draw his audience in even closer. Then watch how he makes his speech personal as he reaches out physically and by name to specific segments of his huge audience.

Many presentations we see from some of the most senior leaders in industry in commerce today contain only a fraction of Dalton’s energy and commitment.  If you watch the whole 9 minutes you will see that this young superstar knew exactly how to own the stage. He delivers a serious message but also know how to endear his audience with humour and gravitas.

To top it all off, he is clearly a very bright student himself as he has learned from his coaching that when it comes to public speaking, people like things in three’s. A technique you will see him use more than once in his short 9 minutes of fame which has had over 300,000 hits on YouTube.

I have a feeling that we will be hearing from this young man again, but until we do, we can each learn something from the 9 minutes he gifted us back in 2012.

Enjoy the video!

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