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    What type of presenter are you? The anxious presenter, the new presenter, the experienced presenter or the executive presenter...

Whoever you are we can help with our bespoke presentation skills training and public speaking courses

“Thinking that all was well and our ship was sailing in the right direction resulted in a complete change of course after Maurice helped our team to understand the importance of less is more. He has helped the team to become motivated and rise to the challenge of creating presentations that not only inspire others but help our team to portray with words the journey that they can take with us. Maurice is a very likeable chap and his approach of gently coaxing the best out of a wide range of people fitted well with our own relaxed business ethos.” Suki Gill – Director

The Anxious Presenter

“My voice trembles” “My leg shakes” “My mouth dries up” “The first two minutes are just awful” These are just a few of the debilitating conditions we help professionals in our presentation training and public speaking workshops to overcome each week.

Using very effective, simple and powerful techniques we can help the most nervous present conquer their fear. Whether we come to you through one of our in-house workshops or you come to one of our public speaking courses you will leave:

  • Knowing how to manage your nerves and anxiety.
  • Speaking with confidence, clarity and impact.
  • Knowing exactly how to craft and deliver a presentation with ease.

Contact us now to beat your anxiety and improve your presentation and public speaking skills.

The New Presenter

Every day we help new presenters to speak in front of groups of all sizes with confidence, authority and ease.

If you are new to presenting and want to connect with colleagues and clients far more effectively we can help.

Let us help you or your team

  • Think and speak more comfortably on their feet.
  • Project a more professional image.
  • Present in a way that is clear, concise and compelling.

Contact us now to improve your presentation and public speaking skills and learn with the experts.

The Experienced Presenter

Just because you have been presenting and speaking in public for years doesn’t mean that you can’t still ‘raise your game’.

If you are looking to use your experience to challenge yourself and connect with your audience on a whole new level we can help you.

Let us help you

  • Connect with your audience emotionally as well as intellectually.
  • Craft and deliver a clear and powerful message.
  • Inspire action and be remembered.

Contact us now to take your presentation and public speaking skills to the next level.

The Executive Presenter

As an executive every time you speak you have an opportunity to lead. Everyone is looking at you for clarity, guidance and inspiration.

Your leadership extends to the way everyone in your organization communicates and that starts with you.

Lead each time you speak

  • With authority and credibility.
  • In a way that is persuasive and memorable.
  • To connect emotionally as well as intellectually.

Contact us now to take your presentation and public speaking skills to the next level.

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