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Books and scales of justice

Mindful presenting isn’t a new age fad. It’s not about ‘chilling out’, cushions or candles. It’s not even about meditation. Mindful presenting is about awareness. It’s designed to: – Challenge the status quo of long, boring, and forgettable business presentations. – Help professionals to craft and deliver presentations with clarity of purpose, real value and[…]

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confidence boy about to fly

If one of your goals is to present with confidence in 2020, Mindful Presenter has the solution. Standing in front of colleagues or clients to speak can be a daunting experience. Public-speaking anxiety isn’t an affliction isolated to the meek or inexperienced. It has no respect for age, position or experience; it can trouble the[…]

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Man speaking at conference

The presenting challenge is real. We are well into 2020 and politicians still won’t answer a simple question directly and most business presentations are still boring. Extraordinary presenters make things happen. They connect with hearts and minds; they lead change and drive action. The challenge is substantive, serious and sadly still not recognised by some[…]

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