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Book shelf filled with books

If you’re interested in developing your communication skills, you’ll notice that public speaking wisdom isn’t isolated to the experts and content focused on the topic. Public speaking wisdom is everywhere. Here are 10 examples from some of my favourite non-public speaking books I’ve read this year. ‘A simple way to make a good first impression[…]

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man showing data on a laptop

In a business world challenged with cognitive overload, it’s time to present ideas, insights and imagination; not just information. Data and information are extremely important. In fact, they are vital components of leading a successful business. That said, we have evolved in a business world where much of the information we need or choose to[…]

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woman public speaking with a microphone

Public speaking survey results – How people feel about public speaking and presenting How do you feel about public speaking and presenting? That’s one of the first question’s we ask all of our workshop and coaching clients. As you may imagine, the response is often very mixed. In fact, it felt so mixed that we[…]

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Audience looking bored

We’ve all sat through bad presentations at work. The question is, why are so many highly intelligent, creative and talented business professionals still delivering such bad presentations? What is a bad presentation? Before we consider why bad presentations are still so prevalent in the workplace today, it’s worth gaining some clarity on what these look[…]

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Liz Truss

Is Liz Truss really such an awful public speaker. One publication has awarded her the title of, ‘The public’s Dalek.’ Another suggested, ‘she lacked passion and empathy.’ In terms of content, another believes that, ‘The speech was not even particularly well-written.’ Rachel Moss, writes in the Huffington Post, ‘The slow blinking, mistimed pauses, vacant smile[…]

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girl with hands up looking angry

Whether you’re a seasoned or inspiring speaker, you will want to connect with your presentation audience. This series of articles focuses on the top 50 ways we believe that you can leave your audience feeling lost, confused or fatigued. Your presentation audience want you to succeed but not at the expense of their wellbeing. Their[…]

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man looking bored

A presentation audience doesn’t want or expect a perfection presentation. They don’t want to see a slick, memorised, polished presenter, ‘perform’. The best presenters are mindful of their presentation audience wanting to connect with and relate to them emotionally as well as intellectually. Presentation audiences want to learn something new. They want our passion, insight[…]

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man yawning

Most of us have been part of a presentation audience. Every presenter’s job is to capture and keep their audience’s attention, interest, and curiosity. The mediocre presenter believes that their role is to simply inform and engage their audience. That is a healthy starting point but on its own, it’s not enough. Your presentation audience[…]

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man presenting on line with two laptops

  Virtual presentations should be considered and crafted with the same level of mindfulness as in-person presentations. COVID-19 has changed the way we communicate with each other in business. Virtual presentations, virtual meetings and even virtual conferences have become the norm. Post pandemic, we are still highly likely to be living in a world of[…]

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Two boys in racing cars

Everyone wants presentation success. Every presentation is an opportunity to inspire people to act or at the very least think differently. Each presentation offers an opportunity to lead, improve lives and make organisations stronger. The fool proof route to presentation success is grounded in mindfulness. Mindful presenting incorporates: – A high level of consciousness, awareness[…]

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Books and scales of justice

Mindful presenting success is available to us all. It isn’t a new age fad. It’s not about ‘chilling out’, cushions or candles. It’s not even about meditation. Mindful presenting success is about awareness. It’s achieved through: – Challenging the status quo of long, boring, and forgettable business presentations. – Helping professionals to craft and deliver[…]

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woman with outstretched arm in sunset

  If one of your goals is to present with confidence, Mindful Presenter has the solution. Standing in front of colleagues or clients to speak can be a daunting experience. Public-speaking anxiety isn’t an affliction isolated to the meek or inexperienced. It has no respect for age, position or experience; it can trouble the best[…]

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woman presenting data virtually

The presenting challenge is real. Politicians still won’t answer a simple question directly. Many business presentations are still boring and virtual presenting hasn’t helped the phenomenon of ‘death by bullet point.’ With more and more of us stifling yawns on Zoom and sneaking  a quick look at our emails and LinkedIn while being presented to,[…]

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