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    Discover the principles of transparent, authentic and inclusive leadership. Our three day, high impact leadership training course will equip you with the skills and leadership style to influence and inspire others. This is a leadership course mindfully tailored to meet your needs. Whether you are an experienced senior executive, just begining your leadership journey or looking to advance your career, this is a transformational leadership course.

What is Mindful Leadership?

Mindful Leadership is a 3-day, in-house, immersive training course. It is a challenging leadership journey of introspection, enquiry and insight. In a rapidly changing world of complexity and diversity the Mindful Leadership course is a refreshingly holistic approach to high impact leadership.

This unique 3-day, high impact leadership course will equip you to influence, inspire and ignite highly effective teams. It’s a powerfully experiential program which inspires a creative and compelling approach to mindful leadership.

The key to authentic leadership

Most leaders subscribe to the notion of authentic leadership. When you ask them what they believe that term means, a typical response is often, ‘just being yourself’. Whilst that is admirable, it is not enough. To be a genuinely authentic leader our first challenge is to understand with absolute clarity who we truly are. In the absence of this absolute clarity, how can you ‘be yourself’?

Mindful Leadership is an exploration of who you truly are as a leader. When this knowledge and understanding is unearthed with laser like certainty, it allows you not simply to just ‘be yourself’ but to be ‘your very best self’.

Who is the Mindful Leadership Course for?

– Senior leaders of people, teams, projects and organisations

– Managers who aspire to senior leadership roles

– Professionals who have a responsibility for leading others

Whether you are a senior or middle manager, an executive or team leader, our Mindful Leadership course will inspire and equip you to be a great leader

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