• Being #1

    This is a well-being course mindfully crafted to improve your happiness, resilience, performance and success. It's a thought-provoking, interactive well-being course which explores the science and journey to sustainable well being.

How to thrive in times of change

Being #1 is a thought-provoking, interactive, well-being course which explores the number 1 key to our success. It’s about getting remarkable results in every situation.

There is growing awareness of the impact our well being can have on our results both personally and professionally. Our energy determines our ability to be at our best. Once we have understood what depletes our energies, we can explore how we can renew it. Personal energy can be renewed and expanded. We need to recognise the costs of energy, our depleting behaviours, and take responsibility for changing them.

This is a highly participative half-day well-being course, designed and tailored to inspire and equip your team to enjoy, high performance, recovery and harmony.

How do you feel?

When you finish work at the end of the day or end of the week do you ever find yourself feeling exhausted?

So drained that you slip onto the couch, unable to devote any energy to those things you planned to do.

You wanted to spend time with other people or activities you love but just felt too worn out. Most people wish for more time in their day.

It’s not our time that we need to manage; it’s our energy.

What our clients are saying…

“We have delivered this workshop to over 150 people so far and feedback reinforces one of the key elements that is this workshops USP. It doesn’t just emphasise the benefits from an organisational perspective but encourages individuals to think holistically, and to engage in a meaningful way, and to make commitments that benefit their self-care as a whole. This workshop makes every participant think realistically about the small steps they can own, to help them reconnect, and energise themselves so that they can truly strive towards a balanced, sustainable, content and healthy lifestyle. All of this is delivered with integrity, bags of fun, lots of humour and grounded in the practical. I cannot recommend it highly enough.”

Kate Simpson | Head of People & Development

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