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Stage fright in public speaking is real and universal. Knowing that throughout history, some of the world’s most famous people struggled with stage fright doesn’t help much. A partner or colleague telling you, ‘It’ll be fine’ or ‘You’ll be great, don’t worry’, doesn’t help much either. How about: ‘Imagine your audience naked’ ‘Picture your audience[…]

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man on virtual meeting waving at camera

Virtual presenting has become an everyday feature of business. Since Covid-19 it’s become the mainstay of business communication and it’s here to stay. Many professionals find the very thought of virtual presenting unsettling. It’s not too difficult to understand why that is. In the good old days of presenting in person, while in the same[…]

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woman speaking on laptop

How many chances do you get to make a first impression? All presenters and public speakers face the same Universal challenge; getting and keeping their audience’s undivided attention. Psychologists at Princeton University suggest that people make judgments  about others super speedily. Likeability, trustworthiness, and competence of other people are often judged  after  just 100 milliseconds.[…]

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  Do you have any bad public speaking habits? A mindful presenter considers, crafts and conveys their message with a high level of awareness. A distracted mind has a habit of reacting rather than responding and operating on autopilot rather than appreciation. A mindful presenter conditions their mind to focus with clarity on how to[…]

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Wayne Dyer being interviewed

  Public speaking lessons: Inspired by one of my favourite authors, speaker and teachers, the late Dr. Wayne W. Dyer. Every day in businesses, conferences and seminars across the  world, millions of presentations and public speeches are being delivered; each arguably with its own intention. I believe that if you have a speech or presentation[…]

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Mindful presenting is the future of high impact communication and business presenting. Today, more than ever, we need to present our ideas with confidence, clarity and presence.  Every day in businesses across the globe people sit attentively in the hope that the speaker will tell them something they don’t already know. Mindful presenting equips us[…]

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