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    mindfulpresenter.com was created to help professionals communicate their ideas with greater awareness, confidence and impact. We help people to develop their public speaking skills in a way that is refreshingly different and immensely effective. Our mission is to help people to present confidently, with presence and authenticity to create an emotional as well as intellectual connection. We exist to help people to connect their ideas, insights and message mindfully. To us, connecting is everything.

Deliver your message with presence

Founded by Maurice De Castro, a former Executive of some of the UK’s most successful brands. mindfulpresenter.com leads a unique and powerful way of helping people to develop their public speaking and presentation skills.

With a philosophy that ‘connecting is everything’, our presentation training courses and public speaking coaching sessions are meticulously crafted to help you to connect and engage with any audience. For over a decade we have been helping people all over the world to present more mindfully and authentically. Our passion is coaching people to find, value and express their true voice. We do this through one to one coaching, in-house training courses and open, public speaking programmes.

Public speaking and the ability to present with impact is the most important skill in the world today

Every presentation is an opportunity to tell your story and to inspire and lead change. With mindfulpresenter.com, you and your team will learn exactly how to consider, craft and deliver persuasive presentations that change lives.

Don’t just present, make a few waves too

To create waves, you have to begin to think like your audience do. The waves we need to create are ones in which our audience can surf in rather than for us as presenters to parade on. Who are these people? What do they care about? What do they want and need?

If you were sitting in their seats what would it take to get your attention, interest and curiosity that you haven’t already seen or heard a million times before?

Speak to their hearts as well as their minds

Your audience wants the facts, they want the data, research and evidence, but they want it delivered in a way that is going to make them feel something emotional too. Give your audience emotional as well as intellectual insights as to how you really feel about the topic and why you feel the way you do. Keep it real by using humour, compassion and empathy. Forget your business title or position in the company; get them to relate to you as you. Show them your personality not the corporate spokesperson.

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