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    Clients Say

    We created Mindful Presenter to make a difference and our greatest source of pride and energy is our clients telling us that is exactly what we are doing.

We’ve worked with hundreds of companies across the UK and internationally in all industries and in both the private and public sectors

Our clients include Global Blue Chip companies through to SMEs; Government bodies; schools; colleges; universities; hospitals; and charities. We’ve helped HSBC, Virgin, Cancer Research UK, Prince’s Trust, Goldman Sachs, Grafton Merchanting GB, Element, SBD, Teenage Cancer Trust.

Our presentation skills training and public speaking courses are constantly evolving to meet the ever increasing demands of business presenting.

Don’t just take our word for it, here is what our clients tell us every day.

Thank you for a fantastic two days, has really opened my eyes and been a valued/worthwhile experience.

Joshua Ogunji
Commercial Manager

The course focused on the right areas. We get too involved with content when it should be about message.

Alan Powell
Business Development Manager

Thanks so much for yesterday, it was easily the best training course I’ve been on in a while – I’ve told my team they all need to attend!

Hannah Grimstead
New Partnership Developer

Maurice was a fantastic facilitator. The training was accessible, filled with humour, excellent new perspective on communication methods, tricks and techniques to getting control of nerves and other ‘headstuff’. The ‘critique’ of all of our currently presenting styles was not negative at all but encouraging and empowering and gave me new confidence in moving forward and presenting to various audiences. It was invaluable and one of the best training sessions I have ever attended.

Ruth East
Youth Support Coordinator

I wanted to thank you for such a great day on Friday – I really did learn so much and will approach the design of my next presentation in a very different way

Deborah Hill - Head of Languages

I want to say thank you too as I really enjoyed your training. The content was very useful and yet delivered in very engaging and “fun” way. At first, I was nervous about this training as although I want to improve my presentation skills, I also feel very nervous before presenting. However, in the training I felt very relaxed. Also, usually after training’s I feel drained but this time I felt energised and equipped with great presentation tips. I think this was one of the best training’s I’ve been so far so thank you very much !! I can’t wait to apply these techniques when preparing for my next presentation.

Marieta Mitova
Shopper Activation Executive

Friday was great, thank you so much for having me. I really felt like I learnt a lot and have some really useful tools to use going forward in my career. I was really excited to get back and tell everyone in the office and think it would be really useful for my colleagues.

Amy Robinson -Account Manager

Thanks for running the training. I found it immensely valuable and one of the best takes on presenting training that I have ever had – it’s much nicer to encourage someone to have a personal style, rather than sticking to generic dos and don’ts.

Joanna Mills
Business Development Manager

I’ve been on numerous presentation skills courses over the years and have probably left most of them with ideas and suggestions on how to improve and enhance my skills but none as enjoyable and inspirational as yesterday. It’s given me loads to think about and shown me how transferable these skills are between presentations, my day-to-day role as a Coach and in my personal life.  I was absolutely gobsmacked (and I’m sure the rest of the team would agree) at the difference a couple of hours made to all of us when we repeated our business presentations.

Julie Hardy - Customer Experience Coach

Thank you for today; it was a really great session, and I honestly feel I have learnt a great deal

Clare Hutchinson- Account Manager

To say I enjoyed the day was an understatement! It was life changing, a real confidence booster and you are truly inspirational. I for one will never forget you and yesterday, and the things that I learnt and above all how I felt.

Paola Vitolo
Customer Experience Manager

I wanted to thank you again for your seminar with us yesterday. It was really fantastic, and the team really enjoyed the session – it’s no mean feat to keep everyone fully engaged for two hours on zoom, as you said, but I had lots of feedback afterwards about how helpful and interesting it was.

Sara Furness - Chief of Staff

One of the best courses that I’ve been on. Sadly I find it’s rare that one can take away some real tips that I can actually use, whereas I found your course full of useful thoughts that I will certainly be using when I have to present again.

Robert Wallis
Key Account Manager

Many thanks for such an enjoyable and worthwhile day. The course was certainly one that I feel I got a lot out of and I’ll definitely be using many of the techniques we practised.

Rob Price
Medical Representative

Just want to say that it was the best course I have ever been on.

Tina Harris
Reservation System Manager

I found the session both inspiring and transformational. The level of care, content delivered and the way that you approach the entire coaching process was a revelation for me and I am honestly moved by it all.

Paul McGuinness - Internal Performance Coach

Thank you so much for the session today; when I was asked to join this training, I didn’t know what to expect. Honestly, it was one of the most useful, insightful and engaging training sessions I’ve been on (and I’ve been on a fair few recently!). I’m now so much more optimistic about what the future will hold for me when I’m presenting!

Adam Faquirbhai
Senior Manager

I’ve attended many presentation skills course but this was far the best, key points that were easy to remember. Excellent thank you.

Trish Bromley
Customer Experience Manager

I have to say that yesterday was the best presenting/public speaking course I have ever done. I found it thoroughly useful and am now less nervous about my strategy presentation.

Hannah Lloyd
Regional Corporate Development Manager

Being able to competently address a crowd is of paramount importance to my career. After working with Maurice one to one I noticed both my confidence and my competence levels raised. I was able to identify where I could improve but equally important I was shown where my current strengths lay, which is something I had previously overlooked. Admittedly at some points during the session I was out of my comfort zone. I was left with a lot of practical information to revisit and subsequently delivered my first speech at a local speaking event and won a prize for the best speaker of the night.

Stephen Doran

Thank you for being so inspiring and informative, rest assured that the work we did and the hints and tips you gave me will help me in any future presentations I might have.

Alison Craddock - Customer Solutions Team Leader

I really enjoyed Friday and took loads away from it, it was a massive help and will continue to assist me. I really liked the format, the anecdotal stories and little touches. Thanks a lot for a really enjoyable and memorable day, you were an inspiration.

Stuart Taylor
Digital Director

I wanted to thank you for a fantastic training course on Mindful Presentations, everything from the content through to delivery was excellent. It has given me a great deal of confidence and tips to use going forward when presenting.

George Folland
Project Engineer

Thoroughly enjoyed the entire day. It was at a personal level, very friendly and very well delivered. Everything covered was completely relatable and the content was never wanting. Thank you very much.

Matthew Carter
Associate ESQ Engineer

It was the best presentation skills training I have ever been to, with the perfect combination of structure/content – energy/presence – practice.

Johan Claesson
Account Manager, Sales

We have worked with Maurice from Mindful Presenter for several years, he has run multiple courses for us, ranging from how to give dynamic presentations, improving our Sales Team communication skills and more recently working with our Management Team on how to become truly inspiring and better leaders.

All the courses have been bespoke to our needs and Maurice really takes time to get know us as a company and individual before the courses begins, this makes a real difference in how the courses runs and it is really appreciated by all those in attendance. If you are looking for something different, unique, memorable and truly impactful then I would only recommend Mindful Presenter.

Joseph Wales - General Manager UK & Ireland

Thank you so much for the session on Friday, I found it absolutely fascinating and it could not be better timed as I’m presenting at a conference next week. I really feel like I’ve come away with tons of great ideas on how to improve my presentation, and I’m really grateful for that.

Laura Collins
PPC Team Leader

I can’t say enough how brilliant and inspiring Maurice is. I could listen to him all day. Everything he said just made sense, and made me wonder why I haven’t been doing it this way all along.

Paul Upton
Business Development Manager

Thank you very very much for today – I’m thrilled with everyone’s reactions and recommendations. Thank you so much for running such a high class training for us – it is such a treat for everyone.

Susie Golics
Learning & Development Manager

A massive thank you for the training in I really enjoyed it and it was a good days craic. I personally thought it was a great day. Prior to starting I had done 2 days of media and presentations skills training and it was possible the two longest days of my life, boring was not the word so your training was a breath of fresh air.

Malachy Nixon
Education Executive

Best training I’ve been on in years!

Kersti Dolphin
Project Manager

I wanted to also say a massive thank you for the incredibly engaging and useful workshop you delivered. As I said at the end, it was definitely the best training I have attended in my career to date in terms of practical usage and equipping me with the tools I need. I certainly feel my presentations will improve dramatically and I will have much more confidence speaking in public.

Christina Lindquist
Brand Manager

I wanted to email you once I had got back to work today to thank you so much for the most useful course I think I have ever been on! I can’t tell you how much it has helped my confidence – the information learned has stayed with me and today I delivered probably my most successful presentation to date.

Louise Walker
Education & Awareness Executive

Thanks so much for the day I truly enjoyed each and every minute of the day.

Bev Rossiter
Product Business Development Manager

Thanks again for a brilliant couple of days. They were incredibly enjoyable and just as informative. My only regret is that I never managed to win a copy of your book!!! In all seriousness though, I learned a lot and hope to use as much as possible going forward. Thanks again for spending the time with us and sharing your knowledge and expertise.

Matt Ealden
Safety & Sustainability Data & Risk Analysis Manager

Maurice is a highly sought after and valuable part of our Added Value offer here at The Trust. His workshops, delivered to young people aged between 13 – 16 are not only motivational but they have an indispensable impact on their levels of confidence and self worth.

Vanessa Idika
XL Programme Executive at The Prince's Trust

We were talking as a group here this morning, and it was universally agreed that it was one of the best training courses any of us has ever been on (either with Perrigo or previous employers). We’ll highly recommend it to any of the team who have yet to do it.

Rob Faulkner
Lead Commercial Strategy & Implementation Manager

Thank you so much for yesterday’s workshop, it was simply incredible! I learnt so much and feel far more confident in my communication abilities. I’m still blown away by how useful the course was.

Chris Whetstone
Corporate Responsibility Manager

We had the privilege of having Maurice lead a deeply insightful presenting session over the course of a day last month. The session was both eye opening and highly productive for all who attended. The session has certainly brought the best out of everyone since, demonstrating how valuable such a day with Maurice can be.

Jonathan Baggley
Project Manager

Thank you so much for your time on Friday – I had a great day and I felt the session was really valuable. It was definitely one of the most thought-provoking workshops I’ve attended and one I will take forward for the rest of my career!

Georgina Bowie
Promoter & Business Relations Manager

I got a lot out of the course. It is a fantastic course, enjoyable as well as informative.

Robert Shuttleworth - Senior Stakeholder Advisor

Maurice’s approach is fantastic. The best presentation training I’ve ever had. Little touches make a great difference. Pre-workshop questions, excellent venue & facilities, pads, USBs etc. Wrapped up with brilliant course.

Kevin Lopez
Sales & Development Manager

I thoroughly enjoyed the day, and definitely took away from it a lot of good pointers as to how to improve my presentations going forwards. Thanks again for a really great session – it was fun, informative, and definitely very useful.

Michelle Wilkinson
Category Development Manager

I just wanted to give a thanks for the training workshop. I delivered my presentation to a group of 20 company directors last week and it went really well (I think)! I spent a lot of time employing some of the tactics learned and made sure to ‘be in the room’ beforehand. My warmest thanks to you for your help.

Stuart Coulton
Area Sales Manager, UK North

The whole day was brilliant and I certainly took quite a lot away from it. Any training is useful, but when the training is enjoyable, relevant and worthwhile, it becomes invaluable.

Tony Henshall
Motion & Robotics Specialist Industry Solutions

Your day went down really well, we had nothing but really positive comments from the whole team. Yes, they found it and you at times challenging, however, I really think that it is what we needed. What your session managed to accomplish was to challenge the status quo and our thinking. Loved the session and loved your approach, great job and thank you.

Joseph Wales
General Manager

This workshop was the most challenging, and simulating work experience I have enjoyed in a long while. It has really enabled me to have the confidence to push my practice beyond my current parameters’. Again, I would like to thank the trainer for an amazing experience.

Simone Cadette
Operations Manager

Please can I send you my sincere thanks for your time, insight, expertise and enthusiasm. I can genuinely say that I have never enjoyed a workshop quite so much, or found it so useful. In addition to learning what we should do, I found it equally beneficial to hear about things to avoid. I now need to completely re-think the way I deliver my presentations, but I’m seeing this as a positive and exciting challenge rather than a chore. Thanks again for being so brilliant.

Caroline Norfolk-Shaw
Quality Systems Manager

Found it to be a very useful and practical course on presenting. The presenter was excellent at maintaining my interest throughout the whole day. Impressive passion and stamina to achieve this!

Jon Harros
Business Development Manager

Amazing day with Maurice De Castro. Every business should invest time with this Guy. Don’t invite your managers but tell your Managers they need to spend a day with this guy. Set up compulsory time and Invite him to your front line staff team meetings and open your minds.

Adam Reid
Service Delivery Manager

I must admit it was the best course I have ever attended, it challenged me not only on the main subject of the course but overall mindfulness, thank you for that.

Kinga Bogdanowicz
Fleet Control Manager

I really enjoyed the day as did the rest of the group. Took away lots of points and it was beneficial doing our presentations at the end and listening and participating in the critiquing of them and how quickly you were able to change around words and phrases and enhance the individual presentations.

Richard Nicholson
Senior Development Chef

Just wanted to drop you a note to say thanks for a great session on Friday, I found it extremely powerful.

Clare Denham
Senior Commercial Strategy Manager

Thank you very much for the training yesterday. It was one of the best training sessions I have been to. Initially I was dreading the day, but now I feel a bit more confident and know what I need to do go about keeping calm for any future presentations.

Mohammad Humai
Graduate Associate

Firstly I’d like to say thank you for a great 2 days! It’s given me a huge amount to think about, not only for when I am presenting and making sure that my audience and myself are getting the most out of it. But also the way I handle things on a day to day basis, both in work and personal life. I’m really looking forward to putting all of the skills and techniques that I have learned from yourself and the rest of the team over the last 2 days into practice and most importantly getting my hands on the presentation properly and ripping it to pieces. Really appreciate your time and knowledge.

Steven Hughes
Social Media Guru

I thoroughly enjoyed, the day. It was informative and relaxed and a good pace. To be honest it was one of the best courses I’ve been on.

Alan Clark
Account Manager, Distribution

Thank you so much for yesterday’s course, it was incredibly interesting and thought provoking and I’m very much looking forward to putting what I learned into practice soon – especially the pauses!

Charlotte Porter
Regional Fundraiser

Thoroughly enjoyed the content, the way it was delivered with clarity and the interactive nature of the content and the immense enthusiasm and coaching that you shared with all of the team. I’ve certainly taken away a huge numbers of multiple learnings in particular the guidelines of creating presentations that provides the opportunity to connect with the audience.

Niall Faul
National Pharmacy Sales Controller

I really enjoyed the training course, congratulations it was really amazing.

Cristina F
PHD, Regulatory Affairs

I got a lot out of it and felt more confident in my skills afterwards. This increased confidence was due to the honest, open approach – I knew where I was with Maurice’s style of feedback, so I was never left guessing if positive comments were truly reflecting what I was doing. So yes, really invaluable training which I feel I really benefited from. Big thank you from me.

Annie Smith
Fundraising Coordinator

Of all of the one or two day courses I’ve done in my working life, I honestly feel that this was the best one and the one I can take most from.

Nick Tanner
Senior EMC Applications Engineer

Twenty years I have worked on Britain’s rail network. I can honestly say that I have never been so engaged on a course. It was brilliant. Your style is warm and engaging – I guess that is why you are doing what you are. I took a lot from it and you had me hooked and engaged right from the get go. Thanks again

Graeme Wright
Train Manager

I had such a good day and went home feeling energised and wanting to do a presentation in the near future just to put into practice all I’d learnt.

Sally Waterhouse
Revenue Growth Manager

Thank you so much for such an interactive and engaging day! I honestly don’t remember the last time where I concentrated for that long (without the urge to scroll!!) which is saying something – I feel I have already changed my approach and it has made me already aware of some improvements but I do want to sit down and think of the techniques you highlighted and how i can implement them.

Maria O’Sullivan - Pre Sales Solution Engineer

I thoroughly enjoyed the session and have taken away a huge number of learnings from the day. One of the most memorable and enjoyable training days I have participated in, so a big thank you to you for making it so!!

Anne Marie O Neill
Pharmacy Territory Business Manager

I really, really enjoyed the course and found it so useful. It’s given me so much to think about with presenting and I can’t wait to put the newly learned techniques into practice.

Dan Papworth-Smyth
Digital Communications Manager

Thinking that all was well and our ship was sailing in the right direction resulted in a complete change of course after Maurice helped our team to understand the importance of less is more. He has helped the team to become motivated and rise to the challenge of creating presentations that not only inspire others but help our team to portray with words the journey that they can take with us. Maurice is a very likeable chap and his approach of gently coaxing the best out of a wide range of people fitted well with our own relaxed business ethos.

Suki Gill

Thank you so much for having me on the mindful presenter course, it was hugely beneficial for me to gain feedback on where I stand when I present to my team and all the helpful tips that I had received during the day were hugely appreciated. What you teach is fantastic, you’re making a huge difference to not only the business world but also in the lives of many people Thanks again for Thursday, it was a memorable day that will stick with me for a long, long time.

John Robson
Customer Experience Manager

Maurice has changed me for the better, by getting me to deeply consider ‘why’ I am giving a presentation. He doesn’t just give the normal presentation training, but he gets you to really think about what you are trying to get the audience to Think, Feel and then Do. His training has vastly improved my presentations and speech writing, and also how I approach a lot of my work.

Rob Green
Digital Strategy Manager

It was a great day & I really enjoyed it! – My morning presentation went well so again, thank you. I have never been on an all-day course where I have been engaged all day, let alone come out with the positives that I did yesterday.

David Carswell
Production Team Leader

This workshop was thoroughly enjoyable, and importantly I will be able to transfer the skills learnt into future presentations. This has definitely added value to my day to day role. I would relish the opportunity of attending any other training courses run by Maurice – a truly inspirational speaker.

Hayley Davey
Pharmacy Business Development Manager

Thank you for yesterday. It was a thoroughly informative and really great day. I felt like I came away with some great practical ideas that I can use in the near future.

James Matthews
Sustainability Consultant

It was a great course and very different to other training I have been on previously . I think it was one of the most thought provoking I have experienced. I can already see opportunity for me in my role.

Lizzie White
Supply Planning & Initiatives Manager

Thank you for putting together such an enjoyable and useful training course. As apprehensive as I was at first I soon felt really comfortable and able to participate, all thanks to you.

 I feel much better prepared now for future public speaking endeavours and I’m looking forward to putting my learning in to action

Kane Maloney - Design Co-Ordinator

An interesting and productive day, excellent training, from a prospective view time very well spent.

Mark Butters
General Manager

I wanted to thank you for your time yesterday. You made the day truly exceptional, and we all thoroughly enjoyed it. I personally will take a lot away.

Alicia Ferguson
Azuma Customer Experience Ambassador

Thanks for such a fantastic day – you have seriously helped me deal with a very personal fear that I’ve had for years!

Dervilla O’ Reilly - Web & Digital Marketing Manager

Loved the interaction. It took me out of my comfort zone but at the same time I felt incredibly safe and able to make mistakes without judgement! Was a really great course to make me identify what I was doing wrong and understand how I can change that bit by bit. Maurice is really warm and engaging, but also really aware of people being nervous and getting people out of their comfort zones .It was wonderful! Thank you for taking us through this course! I am constantly telling myself I am an 8! 🙂

Elise Morgan
Product Manager

I generally don’t rate things as brilliant but personally this workshop worked for me.

Kathy Livick
Art Group Facilitator

Thank you so much for the session on Friday – it was genuinely one of the best CPD sessions I’ve ever had – and I’ve already put some of the ideas into action

Samantha Kelly

It made me think a lot about my presentation skills and many other things. Sometimes I think you can’t teach an old dog new tricks, but in this case it could not be further from the truth.

Roger Etchell
Industry Solutions Manager

The feedback from the Group COO to my boss after the meeting was… “What’s happened to Nick? His presence and statue was notable… with content to match.” Once again thanks for the coaching… it worked.

Nick Thompson
Logistics Director, UK&I's Trust

I had a great day and really enjoyed learning with you and the guys. I think I have taken some great stuff from today and I am actually looking forward to my next presentation.

Richard Kemp
Planning Manager

I was actually really looking forward to my presentation today so that I could play around with all of the new concepts I’d learnt. I completely changed my opening, closing, and some characteristics throughout accordingly, and it went really well (especially the pace! I had always struggled to keep to time) – got some great feedback from colleagues! I feel I’ve been given tools which I will practice and apply for all of my presentations to come.

Andy Ankrah
Analytics Team Leader

Thanks so much for the past two days; I really learned a lot and it’s got me thinking about presentations in a whole new way. I’ll absolutely be applying everything I’ve learned in the future. Thanks again for all of your support; it really had made a big difference.

Craig McNally
Community Engagement Manager

I found the content, ideas and your delivery of the training excellent and I look forward to creating my next presentation (…which I never thought I would ever say!)

Marc Ioannidis
Channel & Panel Manager

Great training event – very thought provoking – and will be put into practice.

Brendan Wall
Sales Director

It was an absolute pleasure being part of your Mindful presentation training! Believe it or not I’m actually looking forward to doing a presentation, so I can try to apply my learnings. Many thanks again for a such great day!

Ana Taylor
QC Lab Manager

Thank you for that brilliant, entertaining and very valuable course. I had a few presentation trainings but none of them has been even comparable with yours.

Nina Buckner

What a great training day ! Great to be a part of the course last Monday, the day was memorable and was very impressed, I have passed the word on that it was a course not to be missed.

Louise Rutherford
Station Manager

I enjoyed the workshop immensely!  It has really had an impact on me and the way I approach speaking publicly already. I’ve come away excited to get out there (and with more confidence).


Helena Gray - Events & Communications Associate

Maurice was a fantastic facilitator. The training was accessible, filled with humour, excellent new perspective on communication methods, tricks and techniques to getting control of nerves and other ‘headstuff’. The ‘critique’ of all of our currently presenting styles was not negative at all but encouraging and empowering and gave me new confidence in moving forward and presenting to various audiences. It was invaluable and one of the best training sessions I have ever attended.

Ruth East
Youth Support Coordinator

Thanks again for an insightful training course. I really enjoyed it (despite the uncomfortable parts!) and look forward to putting some of the things I learned into practice.

Amy Cooper
Account Manager

I’ve delivered presentations for over 7 years; at all levels of the rail industry. I’ve developed my presentation skills over the years and my confidence as a presenter is growing all the time. Today I attended a Mindful Presenter course delivered by Maurice DeCastro of Mindful Presenter Ltd. He’s full of energy, passion, drive and has a wealth of experience to draw on. Today has without doubt, been the most enjoyable, relevant, thought provoking and stimulating course I’ve ever attended! If you want to breathe life back into your presentation skills, feel more confident speaking in public then you need to be working with this company. Which is delivering transformational skills.

Peter Strong
Minder Train Manager/Azuma Pioneer

Thank you for the information and your feedback yesterday, I enjoyed the day and can honestly say it is one of the best courses I have attended so well done, I will certainly use the techniques moving forward in both work and my personal life.

Richard Smith - Project Manager

I can safely say that it was the best presentation training course I’ve been so far in my 15 year career (and I’ve been to many) and I think it will definitely help me going forward. Most importantly, it made me think about many things differently.

Anneli Reiter
Commercial Decision Support Controller

Yours was the most captivating training sessions I have been on that I can bring to mind, and I really did learn a lot throughout the day.

Julie Ryder - Credit Controller

Thank you so much for Monday. I thoroughly enjoyed it and learned a lot. This was an exceptionally good course and really well delivered.

Jack Roper
Head of Internal Communications

I found the coaching incredibly useful thank you very much.

Melanie Spencer
Global Head of Marketing

Thank you so much for the enjoyable training session yesterday. It came highly recommended by some of my colleagues in my team and I can see why, what a fantastic and insightful day. I have never enjoyed presenting but I can definitely say this session really helped to boost my confidence.

Charlotte Briffa
New Partnership Developer

I don’t think I have ever come away from a training day with so many tools I have felt I will actually use, so many ideas and (sugar rush aside!) so much enthusiasm. You also created an incredibly safe environment for us to work in and, having never met the others before, I very quickly felt part of a team

Rachel Burton
Head of Maths - Trust Consultant Teacher for Maths

I can honestly say I don’t think I have ever been on a course that has demanded so much of me or given me so much back. I am mentally exhausted and yet I feel more invigorated and motivated than I have in a very long time.

I have learned so much about the type of leader I am and want to become.

Some aspects were painful but I have been feeling my best wasn’t good enough for a long time – and it’s a relief to now know that wasn’t my best!

I have so many ideas!

I have been mindful of every task I have done today and it’s an amazing feeling!

We have all said the same. You have taken us on an incredible journey.

Thank you

Karan Orlos - Sales Manager UK & Ireland

I just wanted to say a quick thank you for yesterday, it was a very enjoyable training session and I feel that it has helped with my confidence and given me a new way of looking at presenting.

Catherine Coley
Financial Reporting Assistant Controller

Hand on heart, the training was the best I have experienced to date. I came away with lots of new ideas and believe they can be applied to many areas of my life.

Carole Bridge
Technical Information Officer

I really enjoyed the day, I have to say that I got more out of those few hours than many other sessions I’ve had in the past. I will be recommending it to my colleagues in the BDM team.

Phil Berry
Business Development Manager

Yesterday was undoubtedly one of the best training courses I have had in over 25 years of teaching. Your expertise was shared in such a motivating and genuinely fascinating way. There was So much for us (me) to take away and use, not just in my role as consultant but in the classroom too. You have given me so much confidence and wise counsel to address some areas where I can improve.

Carla Tonks
Head of PSHE - Pastoral Consultant Teacher

I am so happy I was able to attend today’s training, as mentioned I have attended many different corporate courses over the years and I must say that today’s was way out in front in terms of content relevant to me and my role.

Alan Harnett
Pharmacy Business Manager

I can’t express enough how much I enjoyed the day, I have been to many workshops for different reasons and not a single facilitator has held my attention the way you did. My mind never wandered once yesterday. I would recommend you to anyone and am currently trying to get my line manager to agree to get you in to work with the rest of our training team as they could massively do with your workshop.. Again Thank you so much it was amazing.

Victoria Robinson
Customer Solutions Representative

Our session with the Mindful Presenter was everything I had hoped for and more! Maurice took the time to personally get to call and know the whole team before the session – a really refreshing approach – and I know I speak for us all when I say the knowledge and tools he imparted have proved to be invaluable. Plus it was a really fun day!

Rebekah Mackay Miller
Managing Director

I wanted to thank you so much for your time, energy and thoughtfulness yesterday. It was truly the best workshop and learning experience I have ever encountered. Not only did it address a difficult topic that has far reaching applications but I have found the experience to better the bond within my team and colleagues. I expressed to the executives how powerful your training was and I do hope they have an opportunity to do it themselves as well.

Lizzie Bradshaw
FP&A Accountant

It was a truly rewarding and excellent day.

Sam Tilley
Area Sales Manager, UK South

Thanks a million Maurice, I gained so much today! Hands down the best training we’ve been given in the corporate world. I’m now armed with the skills I need to tackle my job better, plus it was great fun.

Jennifer Valentine
Pharmacy Business Manager/Trainer

I can honestly say that was the best workshop I have ever been on. The way you delivered it and kept us involved I personally could not ask for more. I could have listened to your stories and done your style of work all day.

Stephen Hills
Packaging Technology Team Lead

Thanks very much for the great day on Friday. It was really useful to me and gives me the right method, tools, tips to work on my approach for my conference. I also spent a very entertaining day and I really liked your approach.

Aurelie Pages - Senior Buyer

Yesterday was hands down one of the best training courses that I have ever, ever been on. I’ve been to a few in my years and I often come away feeling good and like I’ve enjoyed my day. But yesterday was amazing and I genuinely came away with a renewed sense of confidence and actual, helpful changes I can make to how I do things.

Kayley Marchant
Internal Communications Manager

Thank you so much for a fascinating and stimulating course. I really enjoyed the day. It has made me rethink the way I present and I will certainly be changing the way that I will be presenting in the future.

Jan Flynn
Influencer Marketing Associate Director

I really enjoyed the training as it was different, fun and really interesting! I will definitely take away lots of ideas from today and try and put them into practice in the future.

Amanda Quinn
Pharmacy Business Development Manager

Thanks very much for what proved to be a very valuable experience – lots of actionable learning and I think it will be a great help in improving both self-confidence and content of future presentations I do.

Sarah Moon
Consumer Insight Executive

It totally transformed the way I look at presenting.

David Cook
Marketing Manager

Thanks for a great day. The workshop went far beyond my expectations. For a session only lasting a day, I could not have asked for more!

Brendan Bennett
Quality Engineer

One of the best training days I have ever had. Will certainly continue to pick your brains.

Mark Fuller
Sixth-Form Trust Consultant

Thank you, today was really great with lots of new perspective. I’ll definitely be trying some of the tricks in my next presentations. Thank you for the day!

Tuulia Äppelqvist
Country HR Manager

It was a pleasure to be part of the course yesterday and was certainly not what I expected! I’ve attended quite dry courses on how to do presentations in the past but I found yesterday very thought provoking, interactive and very entertaining. There is certainly a lot that I will be using going forward.

Mark Pitts
Capital Projects Manager

I really enjoyed it and will use the tools you gave us for future presentations – especially the one I have coming up in a few weeks’ time! I will make sure I’m always at my 8 in future. I wish I had had the opportunity to do a course like this years ago, and hope others in the business get to benefit from this too.

Christabel Dickson
Service Delivery Project Manager

Maurice provided a day of presentation training yesterday; a thought provoking and interesting session which has left me with a lot to think about. Maurice has an easy friendly style which went down well with the group.Presentation will never be the same again!

Simon Hindle
Radio Approvals Specialist

I am a fairly cynical individual but I found this training to be both engaging and beneficial and I have already considered ways to implement what we learned not only into my presentations but into my daily management style. Maurice comes across with a high level of integrity and his high-level board experience adds confidence that what he is espousing during the training actually works.

Daniel Brown
Head of Sales

It was my pleasure to be involved in the course. During the two days I never felt switched off or distracted and felt totally engaged. The two days were brilliant! The techniques you have covered have actually left me looking forward to my next presentation rather than being anxious. Yes I will have nerves, but I really feel that this is now a strength rather than a distraction. A massive thank you for the two days and the techniques and confidence you have personally given me.

Derek Spence
Safety & Sustainability Business Partner

Thank you once again for a wonderful workshop. A presenter who was taking a lead on Wed and Thu last week ticked the boxes on all the don’ts we covered during the session with you. The difference was so huge – it was like being taken for a ride on a private jet and then switching to a pony. I suddenly realized – I don’t want ride a pony anymore or be a pony (make no mistake I love ponies).

Anastasia Gvozdevskaya
Financial Analyst

Enjoyable, interactive, challenging and positive.

Mark Heaven

I appreciate we all have different learning styles but for a whole day of online learning it really worked well for me and I took plenty away with me to reflect and build on.

David Armstrong - Talent Acquisition Advisor