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  Storytelling may feel like something that you reserve for your children at bedtime. I did that too, until I realised it also has enormous value for professionals and leaders in business presentations. ‘Never be boring again’, written by Doug Stevenson is one of my favourite books on public speaking and presentation skills.  The title alone makes it[…]

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  Is PowerPoint the first thing you turn to when you are called on to present? Simon Sinek’s inspirational TED talk ‘How great leaders inspire action’ is a wonderful example of how effective public speakers and presenters can be without using PowerPoint. With almost 15 milion YouTube hits, it’s easy to see why Simon has been[…]

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Presentation training isn’t simply about sharing knowledge, information and insights. It’s ultimately about helping you to connect with your audience. The next time you are called on to give a presentation at work or do any form of public speaking, you can be certain that sitting before you will be a very diverse group of[…]

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