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At Mindful Presenter we are at very successful at helping people to overcome their public speaking anxiety because we know that you can be very nervous and still give a great speech. The history books are full of speakers who by their own admission tell of how they were quivering, nauseous wrecks even moments before an[…]

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Simon Sinek’s inspirational TED talk ‘How great leaders inspire action’is a wonderful example of how effective public speakers and presenters can be without using PowerPoint.  With over 3 million YouTube hits is easy to see why Simon has been described as a “visionary thinker with a rare intellect”. If you invest just 18 minutes of your[…]

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Public speaking isn’t simply about sharing knowledge, information and insights; it’s ultimately about connecting with your audience. The next time you are called on to give a presentation at work or do any form of public speaking you can be certain that sitting before you will be a very diverse group of people. Some won’t want[…]

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