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    Sales training that works. Mindful Selling 4D is a thought provoking and highly participative sales training workshop. This refreshingly different approach to sales training is designed to help sales professionals become trusted advisors.

Mindful selling is the key to becoming a top-performing sales person

The world has changed, even in sales; the last decade has seen a significant shift from 2-dimensional to 4-dimensional selling. Has sales training changed with it?

Excellent product knowledge and exceptional sales skills on their own is no longer enough. While both remain critical pre-requisites to high performance selling, mindful selling  unearths the route to high performance sales.

In-house sales training designed to equip, empower and inspire your team to reach their full sales potential.

Buyers want, need and expect more

Mindset and Impact have always been the two jewels in the crown of high-performance selling. Having good product knowledge and sales skills is no longer enough.

Many of todays sales training courses still focus largely on techniques and tools to ‘win the sale’ and ‘close the deal.’ A large number of sales training courses are very similar.

Many of these techniques remain valuable and still hold a place in modern day sales strategies. As important as they remain, buyers want, need and expect more from sales professionals today; they want trusted advisors. The solution is mindful selling; a very different kind of sales training.

A different approach to sales training

The discerning professional is happy to be influenced by experts who have mastered the art of conversation and developing relationships who they trust can make a tangible different to their business.

Mindful Selling 4D knows exactly what it takes to become a top-performing sales person. What drives buyers to choose one provider over another? How to create mindsets in sales which leads to real behaviour change and performance improvement.

Mindful Selling 4D is a thought provoking and highly participative workshop with a refreshing approach to helping sales professionals become trusted advisors.

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