• One to One Speaking
    Coaching Package

    A personalised one-to-one speaking coaching development package. You set the pace,time and schedule. Public speaking and presention skills coaching tailored specifically for you.

Speaking Coaching to build confidence

Mindfully crafted speaking coaching package focused on your long-term success. A  speaking coaching programme designed to ensure that you present with confidence and impact.

Our mindful coaching experience will help you to enjoy public speaking and presenting. Stand out from the crowd and inspire any audience into action.

Whoever you are presenting to, you will want to speak with confidence and impact. This powerful speaking coaching package will help you to:

– Speak and present with confidence.

– Project presence and authority.

– Identify and harness your personal strengths.

– Overcome personal challenges and bad habits.

– Persuade, influence and inspire others.

– Build your own brand as a speaker .

– Lead each time you speak.

3 Confidential, one-to-one speaking coaching sessions

Work confidentially with one of our public speaking coaching experts. Focus exclusively on your personal presentation challenges and objectives.

Highly tailored to your personal and professional needs. Learn how to present with confidence and become a strong public speaker. Speaking  coaching is a very personal experience. This package affords you the time and focus to find, value and share your public speaking potential.

Three virtual, 90 minute, one to one coaching sessions. You set the pace and intention and we will help you to achieve your public speaking and presentation skills goals.

Virtual speaker coaching in the comfort of your own space

The first virtual, 90 minute, one-to-one coaching session  is held through Zoom. Learn how to craft and deliver a presentation your audience will remember.

The final two coaching sessions are also held virtually. These are reserved for dress rehearsals when the time comes that you have to stand and deliver. These two sessions can be used together to help you to craft and deliver one important presentation you have to make. Alternatively, you could use them separately to focus on two upcoming presentations.

Our fee for 3 private, one to one virtual 90-minute public speaking and presentation skills coaching sessions is £995.00 +VAT.

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