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    Our public speaking and presentation courses will increase your confidence, set you apart and enhance your career. Mindful Presenter holds the key to high impact public speaking and presenting skills. Our unique approach is leading the way in equipping professionals with highly effective public speaking skills to inspire, influence and impact any audience. Improve your public speaking skills the mindful way.

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Feel more confident

Would you like to feel more confident public speaking and presenting? Our unique approach to crafting and delivering a great presentation will help you to improve your public speaking skills to motivate, inspire and lead any audience.

Highly tailored training

Our high impact public speaking and presentation classes are focused on helping you to connect authentically with your audience.  The ability to communicate effectively and with impact is one of the most valuable skills in the world today. Our in-person, face to face, highly tailored training will give you the public speaking skills to mindfully remove fear, build confidence and help you to enjoy presenting. Mindful presenter can also help you develop your public speaking skills virtually via Zoom.   Online courses which are as rich and transformational as in-person training.

Public Speaking and Presentation Training to:

– Speak with confidence
– Present with presence, clarity and impact
– Express yourself both verbally and non-verbally
– Craft content which is rich, relevant and compelling
– Connect with your audience emotionally as well as intellectually
– Find and value your true voice
– Build a memorable presentation for any audience
– Use visuals mindfully
– Handle the most difficult questions with confidence


Create a memorable impression

Every presentation is an opportunity to make a difference and inspire people to think differently and act swiftly. At Mindful Presenter we help you to hone your presentation style to craft and deliver content rich presentations for every situation. Our public speaking and presenting courses are designed to help you to deliver persuasive presentations that lead change and make a real difference.

In-person & virtual public speaking and presentation courses

If the very thought of presenting is a scary prospect to you, our approach to public speaking skills will help you to manage and control your anxiety.

If you want to communicate with confidence in a way that’s really effective we can help you to develop highly effective presentation skills.

Influence, persuade and connect

We owe it to ourselves and others to find, value and express our true voice with confidence and pride. At Mindful Presenter our public speaking and presentation workshops are renowned for helping professionals to influence, persuade and connect with anyone both in person and online.

Our courses and coaching sessions can be delivered in-person, face to face, or virtually.

“It totally transformed the way I look at presenting.”

David Cook
Marketing Manager

Personalised Public Speaking and Presentation Skills Coaching

Personalised, one to one, public speaking coaching to help you to overcome anxiety and present with confidence and impact. Whether you have a fear of public speaking or are an experienced presenter we can help you to improve your public speaking skills.

Prepare for a specific speaking event by focusing confidentially on your body language, verbal expression and personal presentation style. Our 2 hour, one to one personal coaching sessions will prepare you for any speaking engagement.

Personal and professional development

Choosing a public speaking coach is a significant step in your personal and professional development. The journey begins with a strong rapport. The right coach will help you to understand yourself as a speaker, your personal challenges, objectives and aspirations.

We will help you to identify and harness your personal communication strengths and address any specific issues challenging your effectiveness as a speaker.

“I found the coaching incredibly useful thank you very much.”

Melanie Spencer
Global Head of Marketing

Our clients love us!

Yesterday was hands down one of the best presentation skills courses that I have ever, ever been on. I’ve been to a few in my years … Firstly yesterday was amazing and I genuinely came away with a renewed sense of confidence and actual, helpful changes I can make to how I do things. 


We proudly work with:

Virtual Public Speaking and Presentation Training

The ‘new normal’ suggests working and training online is likely to be a major part of our future.

‘Virtual is real’

Continue learning with us by taking courses remotely via Zoom video conferencing. Whilst our preference would always be to train and coach people in-person, the world has changed. Since Covid – 19 many organisations have switched to virtual learning and continue to do so. If you or your team prefer to develop their public speaking and presentation skills, online and virtually we can do that too. Please keep in mind that at Mindful Presenter we hold the belief that ‘virtual is real.’

Connect now

The Mindful Presenter Masterclass

If you’d like to learn more about our approach, enter a few details and receive the downloadable Masterclass PDF. All of our training courses are personalised and tailored to meet your specific challenges and objectives.

Leading the way

Mindful Presenter is leading the way in high impact public speaking and presentation courses because we passionately believe that communicating effectively is the most important skill in the world. Whether you would like to overcome your fear of public speaking or simply improve your public speaking skills, we have the perfect solution for you.

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