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    Our public speaking courses in London and beyond, are refreshingly different and transformative. Mindful presenting is the key to the future of high impact public speaking. Changing organisations one presentation at a time, our training empowers and equips professionals to present with greater confidence, clarity and impact. Help your team to say farewell to public speaking nerves and self-doubt. Learn to speak with authority and presence, the mindful way. Tailor-made for your organisation for effective speaking in front of any audience.

A different approach
to public speaking training

Our powerful public speaking courses in a London and beyond are mindfully tailored and personally crafted. That means, each course is made-to-measure. Whatever your teams level of experience is, we have the expertise to enhance their impact through our public speaking training. This isn’t your typical public speaking course. In fact, we don’t even think of it as training. If you want your team to learn how to be confident in the new virtual environment, or present with impact in any setting, we will tailor the perfect learning experience for them.

Our  public speaking Ttraining is designed to meet the specific needs of your organisation to help your team become confident, authentic presenters. As a result, your organisation will communicate more effectively internally and externally ensuring you connect with any audience.

For us, it’s all about making a difference. We build in-house public speaking courses in London and beyond which deliver clear results.

Building confidence
and making an impact

Are you confident in public speaking? You’ll leave our workshops with the communication skills to present with confidence and impact. Whether you are a complete novice or advanced public speaker our courses will make a difference to the way you present. You’ll learn the speaking skills to successfully persuade, influence or pitch authentically. Authentic public speaking requires the ability to express ourselves genuinely.

Our public speaking courses in London and beyond, build confidence, allowing you to be comfortable and happy to be your ‘best self’. Mindful Presenter is one of the leading providers of powerful communication and public speaking workshops, for organisations that are passionate about professional development.

Whilst most of our training is in-house for groups, we occasionaly run public workshops for individuals too. 

Speaking with presence

When you’re speaking in public with presence, you radiate confidence, calmness and credibility. You build a rapport with your audience which allows them to connect with you. Many articles have been written about great speakers having such a ‘presence’. It’s often described as gravitas, charisma or magnetism. These can sound a little vague too.

Here’s another way of looking at it: You will learn a whole new way of thinking about presenting. Firstly, we will show you what it takes to craft a clear and compelling message. Secondly, you’ll learn the skills needed to deliver your message with confidence and authority. Most importantly, we will coach you to combine both skills to speak powerfully in front of any audience. We will create the perfect public speaking learning experience for your organisation. This is a great course which will help you to feel confident in public speaking in front of any audience.

We will help your team to transform their public speaking skills, giving them greater confidence and control to influence and persuade any audience.

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The 20 habits of truly brilliant presenters

Learn how great public speakers build trust

  • Manage nerves to reduce anxiety
  • Use body language to communicate effectively
  • Maintain eye contact with the audience
  • Speak expressively, both vocally and non-verbally
  • Craft and prepare a content rich presentation

Thank you for that brilliant, entertaining and very valuable course. I had a few presentation trainings but none of them has been even comparable with yours.

Nina Buckner FP&A

Learn exactly what professional public speakers do to

  • Create a relevant and compelling message
  • Use nervous energy to their advantage
  • Reduce bad speaking habits
  • Breathe properly and powerfully
  • Create a conversation rather than a presentation

 I can safely say that it was the best presentation training course I’ve been so far in my 15-year career (and I’ve been to many) and I think it will definitely help me going forward. Most importantly, it made me think about many things differently.

Anneli Reiter – Commercial Decision Support Controller

Our approach to public speaking courses in London

When preparing for a talk, many speakers turn straight to their laptops. Populating slides with everything you have and want to say, is the route to a dull presentation. That pushes the audience to one side rather than making them the focal point of a presentation.

With more than three decades presenting at the highest levels in business, we’ve learned a great deal. Through our extensive, practical knowledge of public speaking and presentation mastery we are changing business one presentation at a time.

We don’t believe in a predictable, ‘one size fits all’ approach to training and thankfully we attract clients who feel exactly the same. Whoever we’re training, all of our work revolves around a simple but powerful philosophy. We believe that the route to success in any organisation lies squarely in its ability to really connect with people. That’s why we left the corporate boardroom to create a business helping leaders to do exactly that.

In-house public speaking courses in London

Mindful Presenter Ltd was created with the sole aim of helping leaders really connect with people through the way they present their ideas.

We do our utmost to build  public speaking skills classes which are tailored and focused very specifically on each organisation (and each individuals) needs and aspirations. That begins with a conversation to find out as much as we can about the team and their challenges and objectives when it comes to presenting and public speaking. We then begin the crafting process by sending each participant an individual online questionnaire to complete to enable us to learn a lot more about them. Our training courses are innovative, inspiring and highly refreshing.

All of our training focuses on your organisation and teams, individual personal needs.

What you’ll learn

How to prepare and present mindfully

How to speak confidently in front of any audience

Strategies for presenting complex messages

What it takes to be a great communicator

How to involve and interact with your audience

How to control your nerves and build confidence

Presentation structure, how to open and close

How to handle difficult questions

The power and use of storytelling

How to use visuals effectively

How to make your presentation memorable

How to manage and overcome bad habits

How to present virtually with confidence

Use your voice & body to present with impact

How to remain composed, calm & think under pressure

If your organisation has to present or speak in public, your team will benefit greatly from our world class training.

Our public speaking courses in London will help them to persuade, influence, inspire and connect mindfully with any audience.

3 Types of public speaking course

In-person, face to face training

If you are looking to build and strenghthen your speaking skills to connect with any audience, we have three options for you.

In-person, face to face training for groups. We build and deliver a bespoke in-house workshop specifically for your organisation.

That’s starts with having a conversation with you to find out as much as we can about the team and their challenges and objectives when it comes to presenting and public speaking. We then begin the crafting process by sending each participant an individual online questionnaire to complete to enable us to learn a lot more about them. Long before we arrive at your premises, we will know exactly how we can make a tangible difference to your teams public speaking skills.

We lead a fun and highly interactive workshop at your offices or premises.

Online, virtual training for groups

If in-person training isn’t an option for you, then we will come to your team virtually, via Zoom. Our virtual courses are equally transformative online and offered globally. We adopt the same learning process as described for face-to-face training.

Our immersive training allows you to develop your speaking skills in the comfort of a virtual environment. Training online is just as powerful, fun and interactive as it is in-person.

Whether you have a remote team, are looking to radically reduce your carbon foot print through travel or simply keeping everyone safe, virtual training in public speaking skills is the solution. We are based in London but help organisations all over the world.

Individual online, virtual training

We also run virtual courses for individuals.

This is a one-day, virtual, public speaking skills workshop to help you to present with confidence, presence and impact.

You can join us for a full day of high impact training with a small group of participants from other organisations.  If you’d like to make a real difference to your presentations, build confidence and be remembered for all the right reason, contact us today.

You don’t have to wait for your organisation to arrange a group training event. You can join as an individual through our public speaking courses in London programme. These are held via Zoom in London and all over the world.

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