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    High impact communication skills training where every presentation is an opportunity to inspire. The Complete Mindful Presenter is a transformational journey of communication skills. It’s a two-day passage to peak performance in public speaking, presenting and communication skills. This is an in-house, communication skills course for small groups within organisations.

Develop your personal communication skills strategy

Effective communication skills are an important part of our daily life. It’s the most sought-after skillset in every organisation today. Its significance and value extend way beyond the workplace.

This unique 2-day high impact communication skills training will take you on a powerful and memorable journey. You will learn the barriers of communication and the keys to highly effective communication. Learn to present with confidence, presence and authority in a way that is clear, creative and compelling.

“It totally transformed the way I look at presenting”

The Complete Mindful Presenter will help you to develop a communication strategy that works. It’s 2 full days of highly interactive training. Verbal communication, personal impact and nonverbal communication are all key elements.

Communication skills training which includes coaching crafted to give you powerful communication skills for life. This highly recommended training course extends way beyond communication. Everything you need to inspire action, influence change and bring your idea to life. Build confidence, develop your communication style, improve your skills as a public speaker.

Communication training that works

This practical and highly interactive training course is leading the way in communication skills. You will leave with confidence that you have the full range of communication skills you need to present with impact to any audience.

Improve your communication skills at work by learning how to influence, persuade and connect with an audience in any situation.

Whether you communicate and present your ideas virtually it’s important that you connect effectively. In this two-day training course, we will show you exactly how to do that.

Great speakers are made, not born that way

People with great communication skills weren’t born with a special gift. Everyone has to learn the principles, skills and behaviours. The really good public speakers have had a lot of practice and they make it their business to get feedback from others. The Complete Mindful Presenter communication skills course will help you to do the same. If you have a team in your organisation who are keen to take their communication skills to another level, talk to us today about The Complete Mindful Presenter 2 day in-house workshop.

Results Driven Communication Training

You will gain immediate, and sustainable results from our expert coaching. We have worked with leaders in many of the most successful brands in the world helping them to present confidently in front of any audience in a way that is compelling and inspiring.

This two-day course offers you a full and introspective review of your communication skills.

Perhaps you have a fear of public speaking and presenting. Maybe confidence isn’t an issue for you but your roles requires you to present more frequently and the stakes are higher. It could, of course be that you are an experienced presenter who simply wants to develop their speaking skills much further.

Connecting is Everything

Over two days of interactive training we will coach you to connect with your mind, voice and body to present with presence and impact.

Whether you are preparing to present to 2 people or a room of 2000 we will help you to connect with them emotionally as well as intellectually.

This communication skills course is mindfully designed to significantly improve your teams presentation skills. Our inspirational 2-day workshop will allow delegates of all levels to be able to make powerful presentations. The Complete Mindful Presenter course is packed full of rich presentation tips and techniques developing your teams confidence and impact when presenting to clients or colleagues.

One Day or Two Days, What’s the Difference?

What’s the difference between the one-day and two-day communication skills workshops?

The major distinction between the one- and two-day workshop is immersion. The second day creates the space and time to explore the key elements critical to high impact presenting in far greater depth.

We’ll use real presentation scenarios from your business, specifically tailored to reflect the challenges you face and your personal objectives.

Each participant is given far more time to ‘stand and deliver’, receiving in-depth, practical and personal feedback.

Two Days of Powerful Learning

The capacity to connect with others with confidence, eloquence and impact can help us to develop stronger relationships both in and out of the workplace. It can help people to like us better, help us to get what we want, to avoid conflict, and to even change the world.

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The Truth About Communication Skills

Mindful presenting is different, very different.

You won’t hear platitudes from us. We’ve created a series of short videos offering you a thought-provoking way to hone your presentation and public speaking skills. We’ve called it ‘The Truth Series’ because they form the fabric of our work and we know they drive success and results.

Our Public Speaking Podcast

If you prefer to learn on the go by listening you can connect to the audio version of these videos.

The Mindful Presenter podcast series is for anyone who is passionate about developing their public speaking and presentation skills. This truth series is packed with simple, helpful and very powerful tips designed to help you to present with confidence and impact. It’s a podcast which challenges the status quo of presenting.

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