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I believe that the future of high impact presenting and public speaking revolves around mindfulness. My latest search for ‘presentation skills’ on Amazon yielded over 40,000 results. Google trumped them with 961 million – Keep your hands out of your pockets – Don’t fidget – Make good eye contact These are just a few of[…]

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  The internet is full of presentation tips focused on helping professionals to get rid of bad habits. Many of them overlook one of the most damaging, ‘waffling’. Reading slides, reciting bullet points, fidgeting and incessant ‘umming’ and ‘erring’ are amongst the most common. One of the biggest offenders is the menace known as, ‘waffling’.[…]

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Closing a presentation effectively can feel like a greater challenge than opening it. We are all familiar with crucial importance of creating the right first impression when presenting to an audience. Often, the same attention isn’t always given to closing a presentation. Many speakers forget the all-important, last impression. Some of the best presentations can[…]

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Have you been on the recieving end of a brilliant presentation recently? Perphaps you’ve given one yourself. Either way, you’ll know that giving a brilliant presentation at work isn’t easy. It doesn’t  involve reading slides, speaking in a monotone voice or dumping data on fellow professionals; that’s very easy to do! The reality is, no[…]

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At Mindful Presenter the underlying sentiment that fuels our business and drives everyone who works here is our core belief and ethos that ‘Connecting is everything’; it’s on our website, business cards, and etched in hearts and minds too. When we’re not helping businesses connect with their people we are helping speakers and presenters from[…]

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