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Communication skills

Man helping a climber

Excellent communication skills are vitally important to highly effective leadership. The ability to communicate with confidence, clarity and emotional intelligence is our strongest leverage in such a competitive world. Please don’t make the mistake of buying into the idea that to be a leader you have to have people working for you. That’s one type[…]

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green toxic waste

Almost a year ago I wrote an article called: The Most Important Skill in the World Today – Public Speaking  in which I said “Brilliant academic qualifications, world class technical training, status, position or experience are all severely hindered in the absence of the ability to express ourselves with the confidence.” In other words, how often[…]

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cartoon of boring presenter

  The internet is full of presentation tips focused on helping professionals to get rid of bad habits yet in our experience at Mindful Presenter many of them overlook the presenters greatest enemy, ‘waffling’. Reading slides, reciting bullet points, fidgeting and incessant ‘umming’ and ‘erring’ are amongst the top bad habits we see each week[…]

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I enjoy networking although I really don’t care too much for the elevators speeches: ‘Good morning, my name is John and I’m a partner at ABC, solicitors, accountants, event planners, social media specialists, fish mongers, etc. We are based in Richmond, have been in business for thirty years and not only offer excellent customer service[…]

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