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Tug of war between hands painted with UK and European flags

Theresa May demonstrated the power of clarity to the EU following the recent summit in Salzburg. The uncertainty of Brexit has left many of us in the UK dismayed, disillusioned and divided. Politicians and punters  everywehere are telling us what to think about Brexit. That’s why as a public speaking coach I found Theresa May’s[…]

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Barack Obama

Former President Barack Obama is noted for his public speaking excellence. His speeches have changed the way countless people communicate. He is regarded as one of the worlds most gifted and powerful orators today. His speech to more than a thousand students at the University of Illinois-Urbana was charged with public speaking lessons for all[…]

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Stephen Hawking is a name that will be remembered for an extraordinarily long time to come. A British cosmologist and physicist loved, admired and respected all over the world for his notable scientific work was also a brilliant public speaker. World class public speaking is normally associated with political leaders or motivational speakers Last week[…]

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hand holding crystal ball

Presentation anxiety is probably the most written about issue when it comes to public speaking Storytelling, structure and style pale into insignificance compared to requests we receive to help professionals calm their presention anxiety and nerves. Despite the ubiquity of presentation anxiety, at Mindful Presenter we have noticed an interesting phenomenon. When we ask professionals[…]

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