Powerful Public Speaking Lessons: Inspired by Dr. Wayne W. Dyer


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Powerful public speaking lessons: Inspired by one of my favourite authors, speaker and teachers, the late Dr. Wayne W. Dyer.

Every day in businesses, conferences and seminars across the world, millions of presentations and public speeches are being delivered Each has its own intention.

I believe that if you have a speech or presentation of any form to make, the first critical step to success is understanding your intention.

As Dr Dyer explains in his book: ‘My research reveals a fairly common definition of intention as a strong purpose or aim accompanied by a determination to produce a desired result’.

I encourage speakers to consider a subsequent comment Dr Dyer makes in his book: ‘In my mind, intention is now something much greater than a determined ego or individual will. It’s something almost total opposite.’

The ‘Seven Faces of Intention’ Dr. Dyer describes in his brilliant book ‘The power of Intention’ offer a fabulous insight and challenging way of thinking for those of us who wish to develop our own presentation skills.

1. The Face of Creativity

‘The very fact that we can breathe and experience life is proof to me that the nature of the life-giving spirit is creative at it’s core’. Dr Wayne Dyer

Starting with the clear intention of taking a creative approach to crafting and delivering your presentation has so many benefits. It becomes more:

– Enjoyable than doing what you always do.

– Focused on getting and keeping your audience’s attention.

– Likely to inspire thought and action.

Creativity isn’t a word most of us associate with a typical business presentation, in fact, we tend to expect the opposite.

If creativity is an intention then in terms of its availability the  good news is that it is accessible to all of us. Dr. Dyer reminds us in his book: ‘Imagine that intention is not something you do, but rather a forces that exists in the universe as an invisible field of energy.’

How do you summon creativity as an intention?

– Make the decision to be creative and tune into the intention of creativity.

– Surrender: In other words, let go for a while; breathe, take a long walk, listen to music, paint, look up at the sky, sit under a tree or just be silent.

– Remember your story. Reflect back on just how far you’ve come; all of your triumphs, achievements, trials and challenges.

– Remember who and what made you the person you are today and the millions of experiences which have shaped so much of your life.

 2. The Face of Kindness

‘Any power that has, at its inherent nature, the need to create and convert energy into physical form must also be a kindly power.’ Dr. Wayne Dyer

We each have the power to inspire hope, faith and happiness through simple acts of kindness. Deeds which can not only make a difference in the moment but carry a positive long term impact.

How do you summon kindness as an intention?

– Make the decision and set the intention to be kind.

– Be kind to yourself first by stopping the negative thoughts, the noise and the doubts.

– Be grateful for everything you have including the opportunity to connect with a room of fellow human beings; to have a voice and to make a difference.

– Slow down and re-frame things. Take your presentation off of your ‘to do list’ and put it on your ‘can’t wait to do this’ list.

3. The Face of Love

We entered the physical world of boundaries and beginnings through the universal force field of pure love.’ Dr. Wayne Dyer

In a previous article I wrote called, ‘The Future of Presenting: Mindfulness’, I wrote: ‘If you love your audience they will love you back.’

In 1943 Abraham Maslow released a psychology paper called ‘A Theory of Human Motivation’, suggesting we each live by six fundamental human needs. One of those six fundamental needs was ‘Love and belonging’.

Don’t make the mistake that many presenters do in believing that just because your audience may not be family or close friends that they don’t need to feel a sense of love and connection.

How do you summon love as an intention?

– Make the decision and set the intention to love yourself, your audience and your message.

– Love is about co-operation rather than competition, don’t see your audience as competitors, judges or anything other than your friends.

– Create content your audience will love.

– Fill the room with your love before you say a word.

Remember love is an energy, the only way you can give it is to feel it yourself.

 4. The Face of Beauty

‘As you become receptive to seeing and feeling beauty around you, you’re becoming attuned to the creative power of intention with everything in the natural world.’ Dr. Wayne Dyer

The quality and beauty of the images we hold in our mind about every aspect of our lives are crucially important to us and the thought of presenting to an audience is no exception.

If we see our audience as ‘predators’ and ourselves as ‘prey’ that ugly image is likely to cause both us and our audience a great deal of disharmony.

If we see our audience as judges and ourselves as performers that is also a debilitating image.

In fact, if we see our audience as anything other than a room full of intelligent, talented and creative human beings who share similar hopes, fears, dreams and anxieties to us it is unlikely we will be able to help them.

How do you summon beauty as an intention?

– Make the decision and set the intention to see beauty in the opportunity and your audience.

– See your audience for who they really are:

– A group of complex thinking and emotional beings who are doing all they can every day to be the best that they can be and to make the most out of life.

– Make the decision to make your presentation a beautiful experience for both you and your audience.

– Fine tune your voice and use its magnificent range.

– If you are using visual aids craft beautifully designed slides.

– Tell them inspirational stories to warm their hearts.

– Craft your content carefully and skillfully.

Sent the right tone and environment; one which is appealing to the senses.

5. The Face of Expansion

‘The elemental nature of life is to increase and seek more and more expression.’ Dr Wayne Dyer

The intention to help your audience to learn, grow and expand themselves in a way which will help them to express themselves more effectively is so important.

We live in an age where people are simply overwhelmed with information; knowledge today is so easily accessible. When an audience gives up any amount of time to attend a speech or presentation it has to be designed to help them to flourish in some way.

It is of course an invaluable opportunity for the presenter to advance themselves as well as their audience on many different levels.

How do you summon expansion as an intention?

– Make the decision and set the intention to help them to grow.

– Tell them something they don’t already know.

– Share with them what they need to know, not what you want them to know.

– Tell them how. Don’t just share theory; make it practical.

– Help them to feel something.

Ask them what they need beforehand; don’t assume or guess.

6.  The Face of unlimited abundance

‘From the time of your earliest memories, you were probably taught to think in terms of limitations. My property starts here. Yours over there. So we build fences to mark our boundaries.

In his book, Dr Dyer refers to how we were created from the gift of abundance and that so many gifts are given to us ‘freely and fully’.

Personally, I like and subscribe to the idea that there really are no limits for any of us other than those we impose on ourselves.

How do you summon abundance as an intention?

– Believe that its possible and make the decision to inspire your audience to see it too.

– Give them everything you have; hold nothing back.

– Help them to see the possibilities and opportunities.

– Show them to see the future.

– Help them to identify and to change their limiting beliefs.

 7. The Face of receptivity

‘Yes, I’m willing. Yes, I know that the power of intention is universal. It’s denied to no one.’ Dr Wayne Dyer

The idea that we are all connected to a universal mind is very appealing to me; although I accept of course that it’s a perspective some may not share.

How do you summon receptivity as an intention?

– First you have to make the decision and set the intention to do so.

– Listen to yourself; tune in to your ‘self’ and your senses.

– Slow down and calm down.

– Meditate by focusing on nothing but your breath.

– Say ‘yes’ more often.

– Be open to possibilities beyond what you can see.

Dr Dyer became such a gifted, graceful and gallant speaker through the power of intention. He not only captured the hearts and minds of millions of people through his spoken and written word, his intentions changed countless lives too.

Each time I heard him speak and every book of his I ever read his words flowed with the intention of:








Are those intentions to be reserved exclusively for those who speak and write from an inspirational, metaphysical or motivational perspective or can they be used in business too?

It is my belief that these seven faces represent the keys to human connection, change and growth. They very much have a place in the commercial world as well as our individual personal development and peace.

Consider carefully the seven faces of intention the next time you are called on to speak and make a difference.

Watch Dr. Wayne W. Dyer being interview by Oprah Winfrey here:

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