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Wayne Dyer being interviewed

  Powerful public speaking lessons: Inspired by one of my favourite authors, speaker and teachers, the late Dr. Wayne W. Dyer. Every day in businesses, conferences and seminars across the world, millions of presentations and public speeches are being delivered Each has its own intention. I believe that if you have a speech or presentation[…]

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Boy dressed as superman

Are you a confident presenter? Confidence is often cited as one of the most critical factors affecting professionals when it comes to presenting and speaking in public. In fact, it’s one of the biggest hurdles we help people to jump every day at Mindful Presenter. Regardless of status, experience or knowldege, many professionals want to[…]

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Business colleagues clapping hands in learning seminar office classroom

Presentation tips are everywhere. Put those two words into Google as I did this morning and you will get 924M results. Tell stories Pause Make eye contact Slow down Know your audience Prepare ‘Cut the fat’ Smile Breathe Move Practice Start strong Close stronger Show passion Ditch the bullet points Following those 15 presentation tips[…]

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man sleeping at conference

How rich and compelling is your presentation content? The prerequisite to a brilliant presentation, before focusing on delivery, is to ensure that your message is supported by rich, relevant and rewarding content. Sometimes it can be helpful learning from the mistakes of other professionals. I recently attended a conference which was designed to show leaders[…]

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audience at conference

  Company summits and leadership conferences present an invaluable platform to inspire, enthuse and rally the troops. Whether you’re celebrating success or need that extra lift to meet your business targets, the vital ingredient required for success is communication. The courageous leaders understand that it’s not an expense, it’s a visionary investment. Most shy away[…]

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Tug of war between hands painted with UK and European flags

Theresa May demonstrated the power of clarity to the EU following the recent summit in Salzburg. The uncertainty of Brexit has left many of us in the UK dismayed, disillusioned and divided. Politicians and punters  everywehere are telling us what to think about Brexit. That’s why as a public speaking coach I found Theresa May’s[…]

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Barack Obama

Former President Barack Obama is noted for his public speaking excellence. His speeches have changed the way countless people communicate. He is regarded as one of the worlds most gifted and powerful orators today. His speech to more than a thousand students at the University of Illinois-Urbana was charged with public speaking lessons for all[…]

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Support concept. Stack of books on wooden desk

The need for leadership in presentation skills is profoundly evident in the workplace today. Every day, in businesses all over the world professionals find themselves presenting in: – Meetings – Conference calls – Conferences – Networking functions – Important staff and management updates – Pitches to clients Outside of those scenarios, arguably every conversation is[…]

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