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Excellent communication skills are vitally important to highly effective leadership. The ability to communicate with confidence, clarity and emotional intelligence is our strongest leverage in such a competitive world. Please don’t make the mistake of buying into the idea that to be a leader you have to have people working for you. That’s one type[…]

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Most presentation skills and public speaking articles are focused on politicians, celebrities or those who have graced the platform of I’m as guilty as everyone else in fixating on such a select group. Every now and then someone stands to speak who isn’t world famous or simply in the public eye. That person has[…]

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We’ve all been a casualty of data dumps in bad presentations. The graphs, charts and tables surrounded by tiny text where the presenter gleefully says, ‘You probably won’t be able to read this so I’ll read it for you.’ Many professionals craft and prepare their presentations in the belief that the key to success is to[…]

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