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Everyone is a presenter; the question is, what type of presenter are you? Every day, in organisations across the world, millions of people are presenting. They are called on to inform, update, inspire and lead colleagues and customers to think or act differently. Many don’t have the time, inclination or knowledge to present as effectively[…]

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The presenting challenge is real. We are approaching 2020 and politicians still won’t answer a simple question directly and most business presentations are still boring. Extraordinary presenters make things happen. They connect with hearts and minds; they lead change and drive action. The challenge is substantive, serious and sadly still not recognised by some of[…]

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  Mindful presenting is the future of high impact communication which will allow you to present your ideas with confidence, clarity and presence.  Every day in businesses across the globe people sit attentively in the hope that the speaker will tell them something they don’t already know in a way they’ve never been connected with[…]

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If you’re looking for presentation tips and put those two words into Google search you will be greeted with 1,160,000,000 results. The internet is teeming with presentation tips, tools, techniques and valuable advice. Each time I introduce myself as a presentation skills coach I can be confident that I’m likely to be asked two questions: – Isn’t[…]

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Presentation tips are everywhere. Put those two words into Google as I did this morning and you will get 1,190,000,000 results. Tell stories Pause, Make eye contact Slow down Know your audience Prepare ‘Cut the fat’ Smile Breathe Move Practice Start strong Close stronger Show passion Ditch the bullet points. Following those 15 tips alone will[…]

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Many articles posted on the Internet today about presentation skills tend to focus largely on delivery style rather than content. Delivery is critical of course, although you can be the most engaging and inspirational presenter on earth but if your content is weak or boring what’s the point? The prerequisite to a brilliant presentation before[…]

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