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Presentation lessons surround us everywhere. Whether its Halloween, Bonfire Night, Christmas or seeing in the New Year. If there is grandeur involved, you can be sure there is something you can take to your next presentation.

Tonight is Bonfire Night. If you’re visiting a professional display this weekend watch carefully. There will be valuable presentation lessons right in front of you.

I was spoiled by the magic of Disney’s New Year’s Eve firework display a few years ago. You don’t have to fly off to the Magic Kingdom however. You will find powerful presentation lessons locally too.

The Grand Opening

Your attention is captured and arrested in an instant. The organisers know full well that if they don’t seize your complete interest at the outset you won’t be too interested in what’s to follow.

The skies are lit up. Your attention is heightened and curiosity aroused. What could possibly come next?

The Display

A kaleidoscope of colour, sizzle and excitement. You don’t want to miss a second of it. Everything you see and hear has an impact on you. It’s much more than a firwork, display it’s a memorable experience.

The Grand Finale

Just when you thought it couldn’t possibly get any better.

You witness a crescendo of light, sound and symmetry that is etched on your mind.

Many years on, I still remember those Disney fireworks as if it were yesterday.

Disney spends hundreds of thousands of dollars on fireworks each week. They also have the benefit of some of the finest creative minds at their disposal.

How can you possibly learn presentation lessons from a firework display? Ater all, all you have for your presentation is your laptop, a flip chart and you.

A little imagination is required.

Imagine if your presentation followed a similar approach as Disney’s firework displays. Take a closer look at the professional firework display you may be enjoying this weekend. There will be presentation lessons there too.

If you were to craft your presentation with the mindset of creating a firework display, it may look like this:

The Grand Opening – You capture your audience’s attention in an instant. You may open with:

– A relevant and powerful story

– A thought provoking question or statement

– A fascinating fact, statistic or idea

– A compelling quote

– A prop your audience weren’t expecting

– Sparking your audience’s imagination.

– A glimpse of the future

The Display – You’ve worked hard to get your audience’s undivided attention. Now you deliver content that:

– Is rich and totally relevant

– Is completely clear in its message

– Is different and compelling

– Makes your audience feel something

– Can’t just be sent by email

– Can’t be ‘Googled’

– Shares clear examples to bring your message to life

– Is in the shape of a great story

– Makes a tangible difference to the lives of your audience

The Grand Finale – You’ve come a long way and so now you leave nothing to chance.

You know that your job is to create an emotional connection as well as an intellectual understanding. So far you’ve done everything you can to achieve that. You want you your audience to remember, not just understand your message. Now it’s time to:

– Repeat and emphasise your key message

– Let your audience know exactly what you want them to do

– Tell a relevant and powerful story

– Close with a thought provoking question or statement

– Share a fascinating fact, statistic or idea linked to your message

– Offer a compelling quote

– Share your vision of what the ‘new world’ will look like

There really are presentation lessons for us all at bonfire night.

Every presentation should be crafted as creatively and delivered as powerfully as your most memorable firework display. It should be filled with plenty of interesting, thoughtful and powerful moments designed to make a big impact.

The 3 key presentation lessons are:

– Open with a bang

Connect with our audience

– Make it memorable

If you need a little help adding colour to your presentation:

– Book yourself onto a powerful public speaking course.

– Invest in some really good one to one public speaking coaching.

– Get yourself some excellent presentation training

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