How to Present Mindfully

How to Present Mindfully


Mindful Presenting is about developing the skill to place our attention on our audience and our objective without getting distracted by troublesome thoughts and external events. It’s about using the  the potential of the mind to perform at the very highest level.

Every presentation is a performance.

That doesn’t mean it’s an act, it simply means you performing at your very best.

Mindful presenting is about working “smarter” not harder and the best way to do so is to understand exactly what it is that makes ‘us tick’.

It’s not about retreating from the  world or meditating, it is about being fully present with your audience even before they enter the room.  That means understanding the way they think, feel and what they want and need to enable you to achieve your goal.

We are all hardwired and conditioned to experience the world through our five senses and when it comes to presenting most speakers rely exclusively on sight and sound.

Mindful presenters understand the relationship between the conscious and subconscious which means that everything they say, do, share and show is prepared and designed with their audience in mind.

This slide share presentation will begin to give you some insight into how to present mindfully.

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