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Powerful presentation tips may offer the answer to transforming tedious business meetings which leave so many professionals uninspired. A number of readers seemed to empathise with a previous article I wrote having left comments such as:  ‘My previous employer needs to read this’ ‘Whew! I thought it was just me!’ ‘Many companies could take notes[…]

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Presenting your monthly or quarterly  update at your company meetings is  challenge for even the most confident and gifted speaker. Presentation updates are largely designed to keep everyone informed. It is that last Friday of each month that everyone sits in the same seat around the same table telling each other the same thing they say every month.[…]

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Having spent over 25 years in senior management roles I was often troubled by a particular pattern I saw in almost every meeting.  If I were to describe an image of what I believe I typically saw each month it would look something like this: – Each person sitting in the same seat they always occupied.[…]

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