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Powerful presentation tips may offer the answer to transforming tedious business meetings which leave so many professionals uninspired. A number of readers seemed to empathise with a previous article I wrote, having left comments such as:  ‘My previous employer needs to read this’ ‘Whew! I thought it was just me!’ ‘Many companies could take notes[…]

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Business meeting

Presenting your monthly update at company meetings can be a challenge for many professionals. It is that last Friday of the month; time for the monthly update Everyone sits in exactly the same seat around the same table. They tell each other largely the same things they say each month. ‘Good morning, I’m here to[…]

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business meeting. Professionals asked to present

    How effective and productive is your monthly meeting? I was often troubled by a particular pattern I saw in the monthly meeting.  A typical monthly meeting would look something like this: – Each person sitting in the same seat they always occupied. – Each manager taking it in turns to update the room[…]

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