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    Our one to one personal coaching will help you to significantly develop your presentation skills and public speaking skills in a more personal setting. Tailored one to one communication skills coaching for busy professionals; not just executives.

Public Speaking Coaching that’s personal and practical

Perhaps you need some help with a conference presentation or important speech, would like to overcome your fear of public speaking or simply develop your communication skills. Working in a safe, supportive and confidential setting may suit you much better.

2 hours of undivided face to face attention will help you to deliver a highly effective presentation with confidence and impact.

Whether you are giving an executive presentation, a best man speech at a wedding, giving a toast, or speaking at a formal gathering it’s worth getting some help.

It’s likely you’ll face similar challenges to the professional giving a sales pitch, project update or presenting at a conference and we can help you. Whatever the setting you have an opportunity to connect, stand out from the crowd and to make a difference.

We can personalise and target our individual coaching to meet your needs

Individual one-to-one coaching which can be personalised and highly targeted to meet your needs can offer considerable value; especially when the stakes are high.

Our one-to-one presentation skills coaching offers you the opportunity and means of working intensely on honing your delivery style and content to achieve the impact you want.

Our 2 hour public speaking coaching sessions are designed and proven to equip you with a complete set of speaking skills to develop your own unique style of delivery. We can help you to make the impact you wish to make in any speaking situation.

We can tailor a one or two day presentation training course specifically for your team

If you would like to help several people in your business to develop their presentation skills and public speaking skills we will craft a tailored one or two day presentation training course specifically for your team. Please call us to discuss exactly how we can help you.

If the idea of one to one personal coaching appeals to you, please contact us today to learn more.

If your business is based outside of London and you would prefer us to come to your place of work anywhere in the UK or Ireland to coach a group please contact us for a quote.

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