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    The future of high impact presenting and public speaking courses - Virtual Presentation Skills Training.

Mindful Presenter’s Online Public Speaking Courses are live, highly interactive and results focused

Our carefully crafted and highly tailored approach to high impact public speaking and presentation skills training is now available online.

Virtual training courses designed to equip you with everything you need to lead change, inspire, influence and drive any audience to action.

The ‘new normal’ is calling for a whole new approach to high impact public speaking and presenting.

Results drive online public speaking training

Public speaking and presenting in person, face to face has long been a challenge for even the most experienced professional. The significant shift to presenting via video conferencing has elevated concerns to new heights for many.

Presenting though online video conferencing platforms such as Zoom, Microsoft Teams, and Skype can increase anxiety and a disconnect with audiences.

Whether you’re presenting your monthly business update, project status report or leading your team in person or online, you need to connect emotionally as well as intellectually. Our highly interactive, virtual workshops will teach you all of the skills you need to make that all-important connection.

The excellence of mindful presenting online

Online, group, public speaking and presentation skills training courses which are highly tailored focused on your individual and organisational challenges.

Retaining the integrity of our unique approach to in person training our online courses are delivered in a workshop style. Coaching, feedback and thought-provoking discussions and exercises are equally powerful online.

The ‘new normal’ has unleashed a new phenomenon on many organisations.

Many have endured three decades of ‘Death by PowerPoint’ to now find themselves victims of ‘Death by Zoom, Microsoft Teams and video conferencing’.

Mindful presenting is not only the future of high impact public speaking and presenting, it’s the answer to a very real current issue.

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