• Fear of
    Public Speaking

    One of the most common challenges we help people to overcome in our presentation skills training and public speaking courses is the fear of public speaking.

We have run thousands of presentation skills training and public speaking courses and coaching sessions across the UK and internationally

Many people tell us that they are absolutely fine speaking on a one to one, face to face basis but put them in front of a group of people and everything changes. Whether you have a fear of public speaking or simply find the experience uncomfortable we can help you.

Regardless of experience the number one goal we are asked to help our clients to achieve is to ‘feel more confident on their feet’.

Working closely with us in a safe and supportive one to one personal presentation skills coaching session we can help you to overcome your fears and speak with clarity and confidence.

Mindful presenting isn’t about performing. It’s about finding, valuing and expressing our authentic voice

To do so we have to be prepared to feel vulnerable, be real and connect with our audience as someone who cares rather than a presenter who is trying to impress.

Whether we come to you through one of our in-house workshops or you come to one of our public speaking courses you will leave:

  • Knowing how to manage your nerves and anxiety.
  • Speaking with confidence, clarity and impact.
  • Knowing exactly how to craft and deliver a presentation with ease.

Using very effective, simple and powerful techniques we can help the most nervous presenter conquer their fear

Feeling more at ease making eye contact, understanding how your body language affects you and your audience and the way you sound will all help you to overcome your fear of public speaking or public speaking anxiety.

Booking a presentation skills coaching session with Mindful Presenter is one of the greatest gifts you can give yourself and your audience.

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