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    Mindful Presenter is leading the revolution in public speaking and presentation skills training. Our training courses are tailored for you and your business to provide you with everything you need to know to ensure you connect with your audience and inspire them to think differently.

Specialised presentation training courses

Our personalised presentation skills training courses are designed to show you how to craft and deliver a presentation to influence and persuade any audience. Our workshops are mindfully created to ensure you do far more than ‘inform and engage’; they help you to connect and lead change.

Presentation skills masterclass

The Mindful Presenter presentation skills master class seminar is like no other in presentation training and public speaking.

Sharing insights, tools and extremely powerful techniques from our highly acclaimed training courses we will show your team how to develop exceptional communication skills.

Presenting at conferences

Mindful Presenting will help you to develop the communication skills training you need to keep your audience engaged and compelled throughout your conference speech.

Whatever your ability or presenting style we will coach you to prepare for and deliver a presentation which will ensure that you connect with your audience in a way they will remember for all of the right reasons.

Presentation skills for students

We love to help University and College students to learn how to present and speak in public with confidence.

Whether your University is running a leadership development programme, student conference or simply evening personal development seminars we can help your students to enhance their communication skills through presentation training. From overcoming the fear of public speaking to crafting and delivering a presentation which is creative and compelling our presentation skills seminars and public speaking coaching will empower and equip your students to connect with others.

Presentation skills for charities

Communication, public speaking and high impact presentation skills isn’t something reserved for the commercial world alone. The ability to speak in a way that is clear, creative & compelling can make a significant difference to the hundreds of thousands of charitable organisations working hard to help the world to be a better place. Our communication skills training and presentation training can benefit those looking to improve their communication skills in empathetic and public speaking roles.

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