• Raising The Bar

    If you’ve already experienced our one-day presentation skills training course and want to increase your influence and presence even further when you speak, then this course is for you.

Anyone who has ever had to craft and deliver a business presentation or speak in public knows it isn’t easy

To bring your idea to life in a way that connects emotionally as well as intellectually with an audience is a challenge. It’s the ultimate test of how we have developed our communication skills to speak with confidence, authority and impact.

A day’s training where you can immerse yourself in learning, practicing and being coached in the key principles of high impact presenting is invaluable. Once you’ve left the training room that’s where the real work begins of course – that’s why we’ve created ‘Raising the Bar’.

After you’ve had plenty of time to practice the powerful principles we shared with you in your first in-house presentation course with Mindful Presenter we take you to the next level.

Mindful presenting isn’t a process it’s an
ongoing journey

We recognise that once you’ve left the training room you will be keen to explore and apply many of the potent ideas we have shared with you. As you embark on your journey armed with so much to think about and try out there will always come a point where you need to be stretched, challenged and inspired even further.

Our ‘Raising the Bar’ one day presentation skills and public speaking training course is personally tailored and crafted to help you to excel even further each time you present

You’ve left the training room and spent a few months working hard to raise your game yourself based on the ideas you learned and have been practicing for a while. Imagine the value of spending another day with your original coach exploring in detail what works and doesn’t work well for you.

Imagine the immensity of the value of being able to evaluate the real impact of what you have learned to push your personal boundaries even further

High impact public speaking and presenting is both an art and science. ‘Raising the Bar’ presents you with the invaluable opportunity to develop your communication skills much further in a way that is personal and powerful to you.

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