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Start your energy audit below.

Energy audit

Please spend a few minutes reflecting on the following statements and choose the statement that best mirrors your current attitude and behavior to each. Please answer each of them as honestly as you can by not focusing on how you would like to be but how you feel you really are today on each area.

(A) Strongly Agree - I’m extremely happy as I make it a priority
(B) Agree - I’m better than most people I think
(C) Neither Agree nor Disagree - It enters my mind every now and then, but I don’t always do it
(D) Disagree - It’s not something I pay any real attention to
(E) Strongly Disagree - Never

Physical Energy

1) I eat a meal or (healthy) snack approximately every 3 hours throughout the day


2) I exercise on a regular basis, both aerobically and anaerobically


3) I get 7-8 hours sleep every night


4) I drink at least 8 glasses of water (or 2 litres) every day


5) I take good care to not put too many toxins into my body


Emotional Energy

1) Emotionally speaking, I see most things in my life positively


2) When it comes to confrontation, I respond emotionally in an effective way


3) I accept feedback and criticism gracefully and without upset


4) I have a high level of emotional intelligence in terms of knowing how I feel and how others feel


5) I do whatever it takes to avoid “energy thieves” – those people who drain me emotionally by moaning and complaining most of the time


Mental Energy

1) I am honest with myself even in the most difficult circumstances


2) I am very disciplined in ensuring that I am not distracted by email, calls, the internet and other distractions


3) I avoid multi-tasking and can sustain my attention for long periods


4) I make time to think about the way my thoughts impact on my feelings and actions


5) I invest time developing my mind and personal growth


Spiritual Energy

1) I am aware of my values and work hard to live by them rather than external pressures


2) My work gives me a sense of personal achievement and fulfilment


3) I spend time doing the things I enjoy most and make me feel happy


4) I have a really good work/life balance


5) I am committed to a regular practice of quieting the mind, i.e. meditation, yoga, mindfulness, visualization etc

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My collective energy score is 0

  • Physical energy: Total score out of 25 is 0
  • Emotional energy: Total score out of 25 is 0
  • Mental energy: Total score out of 25 is 0
  • Spiritual energy: Total score out of 25 is 0

My focus areas are...

  • SCORE 85+: Your overall energy levels are excellent and you have everything you need to be highly successful and exceptionally productive in the most balanced way both personally and professionally.
  • SCORE 70 – 84: Your energy levels are high, but not sufficient to fully ignite and sustain you in a way that leaves you feeling balanced and fulfilled.
  • SCORE 51 - 69: There are quite a number of obstacles in your way stopping you from having the high energy you need to really enjoy being the best you can be to feel invigorated.
  • SCORE 51 and below: Your energy levels require urgent attention as inaction will have a long-term effect on your personal and professional fulfilment, health, happiness, success and productivity.