what is mindful presenting

What is it?

Presenting with purpose, presence and impact

It’s the most effective way to develop your presentation skills to give your audience what they want most from you; a presentation which will make a real difference to them. It’s the most powerful route to honing your public speaking skills to ensure you connect with your audience.

It’s a means of dispelling excessive nerves, filtering out distractions and presenting with focus and impact in a way that is calm, creative and compelling.

It’s about crafting your words and approach carefully and consciously which means thinking long before you open your laptop.

It’s about delivering your message with style, authenticity and presence.

To present mindfully you need to:

Overcome anxiety which may sabotage your message

Craft a clear and powerful strategy

Challenge the status quo and stand out for all of the right reasons

Learn to present the 'Mindful Way'

Every presenter needs far more than great content to deliver a memorable presentation; they need great presentation skills.

One of the common mistakes we see at the highest level is that content is often given exclusive attention at the expense of all else. The end result of that approach is a deck of densely populated slides fraught with verbose text, graphs and charts which are almost impossible to interpret.

Mindful Presenting is leading the way in high impact presenting. It focuses on how we think as human beings and what we need to experience to feel connected to you and your message.  It’s about crafting and delivering a persuasive message with meaningful stories that connect you with your audience from the start and keeps them totally engaged to the  very end.

The mindful presenter has the public speaking skills to capture and keep the full attention attention of their audience at all times.

what is mindful presenting