benefits of presentation training

The Benefits

Mindful presenters are more ‘likeable’.

They build rapport quickly and easily, instilling trust and credibility whilst maintaining their audience’s interest.

The Mindful presenter is more creative, relaxed and has more fun; which means their audience’s get to be more creative, relaxed and have some fun too.

Mindful presenters are remembered for the way they leave their audiences feeling.

The Mindful presenter has the presentation skills to capture both the hearts and minds of their audience. They have the public speaking skills to lead and inspire change and to present with impact.

Mindful presenters achieve their goals

A presenter can give a world class presentation but if it doesn’t achieve its desired aim then one could argue it was simply entertainment. That is why good presentation skills are so important in the work place today.

Whether you are giving a sales pitch, a quarterly update, a team meeting or presenting to the board its all about connecting with your audience to help them get better results. If you have the public speaking skills to make that crucial emotional connection you will always be in a far stronger position than other professionals.

Authenticity is the number one attribute all presenters need as it allows you to be a little vulnerable, tell stories, show you’re human and connect with your audience.

‘Autopilot’ is a major challenge for most presenters; that is doing what they always do, yet hoping for a better result. They prepare and present the same slides with the same approach and deliver them in the same way regardless of the audience. Others are plagued with involuntary thoughts; ‘will they like me’, ‘will I remember everything’, ‘will I have enough time’, etc.

Preparing mindfully and then actually presenting mindfully puts you in complete control.

Performance anxiety and stress are greatly reduced through the use of  techniques designed to calm and focus the mind.



benefits of presentation training