2 Day Masterclass: The Complete Mindful Presenter

“It totally transformed the way I look at presenting”

Presenting and public speaking has become a natural part of our daily life. It’s the most sought-after skill in every organisation today and its significance and value extend way beyond the workplace.

The Complete Mindful Presenter training course is designed to help you reach an expert level of presenting and public speaking. It’s 2 full days of highly interactive, intense training and personal coaching crafted to the give you powerful communication skills for life. The Complete Mindful Presenter presentation skills and public speaking training course will give you everything you need to inspire action, influence change, bring your idea to life and make it actually happen.

Present to inspire

This unique 2-day high impact communication skills course will take you on a powerful and memorable journey designed to ensure you connect with your audience each time you present.

If you want to speak with confidence, presence and authority The Complete Mindful Presenter training course will show you how to present in a way that is clear, creative and compelling.

The Complete Mindful Presenter training course is meticulously crafted to meet your personal objectives and overcome your individual challenges.

We tailor every aspect of the learning experience for you long before we meet in the training room.

We’ve called this high impact public speaking course The Complete Mindful Presenter because you will leave with confidence that you have the full range of skills you need to present to any audience.

We don’t leave you once you’ve left the training room.

Mindful Presenter cares about its clients and we’ll always be just a phone call or email way doing whatever we can to support your continued success. The Complete Mindful Presenter is an In-house 2-day training course crafted exclusively for your organisation.

“Thank you for that brilliant, entertaining and very valuable course. I had a few presentation trainings but none of them has been even comparable with yours.” Nina Buckner – FP&A

“Please can I send you my sincere thanks for your time, insight, expertise and enthusiasm. I can genuinely say that I have never enjoyed a workshop quite so much, or found it so useful. In addition to learning what we should do, I found it equally beneficial to hear about things to avoid. I now need to completely re-think the way I deliver my presentations, but I’m seeing this as a positive and exciting challenge rather than a chore. Thanks again for being so brilliant.”
Caroline Norfolk-Shaw – Quality Systems Manager

“Hand on heart, the training was the best I have experienced to date. I came away with lots of new ideas and believe they can be applied to many areas of my life.”
Carole Bridge – Technical Information Officer

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