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A key element of what it takes to be a Mindful Presenter is having a high level of self-awareness. There are many different types of styles of presenting and this quiz will help you to attain a level of understanding as to just what your personal style and preference is. With that insight and clarity you can begin to understand the impact you are likely to have on your audience and learn skills to adapt and modify your style where needed whilst retaining your authenticity

Tick the boxes next to all the words that you believe describe you as a presenter. When you’ve finished selecting as many or as few that you feel describe your default communication style then click the button at the bottom. Please be completely honest with yourself in this assessment – No one else will see your answers!

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Tick the boxes next to all the words that describe you, then click the button at the bottom. No cheating... make sure you're totally honest!

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Your Results

You could easily find that you have more than one style. This is entirely normal as everyone has a mixture of personal styles. The percentages below give you an idea of your preferred presentation styles.

The Commander


The Analyst


The Motivator


The Facilitator



Strong – willed Goal – orientated Dominant in thought
Self -belief and Confidence Ability to focus Exclusively Gravitas and Credibility Read More


Serious Perfectionist Loves to uses facts
Hard to argue with the facts Reliable ‘The Analyst’ is a perfectionist Read More


Fast pace when presenting Works quickly and excitingly Presents with passion
Command and keep attention Great storyteller Always remembered Read More


Supportive Has an agreeable manner Naturally steady and calm
Supportive Patient Loyal Read More

The Motivator

Presentation style characteristics:

  • Often has a fast pace when presenting
  • Works quickly and excitingly with others
  • Can be quite undisciplined about time
  • Presents with passion, energy and enthusiasm
  • Good persuasive skills
  • Can be emotional and knows how to connect emotionally to others
  • Friendly and loves to tell a story

Strengths of The Motivator

  • Knows just how to connect with an audience and to command and keep their attention
  • Brings a presentation to life with energy, passion and most of all is a great storyteller
  • Is always remembered

Opportunities for The Motivator

  • Control your use of time and your emotions
  • Develop a more objective mind set
  • Spend more time checking, verifying, specifying, organising
  • Take a more logical approach where you can and stay focused on the key points
  • Concentrate on the audience

‘The Motivator’ thrives on acknowledgement, recognition and applause and they’ll go out of their way to make sure everyone loves them and that they have a good time.

They can be very open and direct and like to be the centre of attention. With such passion, energy, enthusiasm and a desire to entertain and make people feel good ‘The Motivator’ is in an enviable position to thrive as a presenter by fine tuning and crafting their natural gifts.

The Commander

Presentation style characteristics:

  • Strong –willed - Is very assertive in getting their point across
  • Likes to get to the point
  • Goal – orientated, knows exactly what they want you to know
  • Takes authority and makes it clear who’s in charge
  • Drives action
  • Dominant in thought, manner and presentation style
  • Can adopt quite a fast and impatient pace

Strengths of The Commander

  • Their knowledge, self -belief and confidence
  • Their ability to focus exclusively on the message
  • Their gravitas and credibility in being taken seriously

Opportunities for The Commander

  • Paying more attention to their tone, pitch and pace
  • Pacing to project a more relaxed image
  • Adding a little more colour, drama and passion
  • Using more stories to engage their audience
  • Identifying with the audience
  • Taking the audience on a journey

People in the audience generally know less than ‘The Commander’ so they feel the need to educate the audience with their superior wisdom.

They have more of a ‘tell’ rather than ‘show’ presentation style and are focused on imparting knowledge and information. Commanders have enormous potential to develop their strengths and take advantage of the opportunities to be exceptional presenters.

Moving from a ‘tell them’ to ‘help them see and feel’ it style of presenting through the use of a range of communication, story- telling and slide design skills is the goal for ‘The Commander’.

The Analyst

Presentation style characteristics:

  • Serious – Whilst The Analyst may be enjoying the presentation it’s often hard to tell as they are so absorbed in the information
  • Perfectionist – There is no room for error
  • The Analyst loves to uses facts, statistics and data
  • Is very structured and organised
  • Concentrates on detail
  • Often has a slow and cautious pace
  • Can be time disciplined and precise

Strengths of The Analyst

  • It’s hard to argue with the facts and that’s the source of ‘The Analysts’ presentation
  • Whatever they tell you will be reliable and grounded in research so you know it can be trusted
  • ‘The Analyst’ is a perfectionist so you can count on them to deliver

Opportunities for The Analyst

  • Occasionally try shortcuts and timesavers, perhaps just a few simple images
  • Remember that when presenting ‘less is more’
  • Focus on taking your audience on a journey rather than bombarding them with facts
  • Tell them how you feel and help them to feel it too
  • Use slides sparingly and wisely
  • Relax a little and have some fun

‘The Analyst’ loves precision, accuracy and progress and relies very heavily on data, facts and statistics to get their message across.They can be quite reliant on bullet points and like to fill slides with lots of graphs, charts and anything else which will demonstrate how much they know.

‘The Analyst’ has huge potential to develop their strengths and take advantage of the opportunities to be exceptional presenters.Moving from a pure data mindset to a hearts and minds style of presenting through the use of a range of communication, story- telling and slide design skills is the goal for ‘The Analyst’.

The Facilitator

Presentation style characteristics:

  • Supports and actively listens to others
  • Comes across as warm and accepting
  • Has an agreeable manner and temperament
  • Is often naturally steady and calm
  • Goes out of their way to be supportive
  • Is generally seen as patient and considerate
  • Likes to get on with people and make friends

Strengths of The Facilitator

  • Their only interest is in building relationships which makes them natural rapport builders and people generally appreciate their charm and attention.
  • Facilitators have a gift of tuning into the way people feel and therefore they can adapt and adjust their presentation as needed
  • With a passion for people they know how to get others on their side

Opportunities for The Facilitator

  • Get to the point a little more quickly
  • Take a few more risks
  • Try not to be too over-sensitive to others feelings
  • Be willing to reach beyond your comfort zone
  • Don’t be afraid to state unpopular opinions

‘The facilitators’ prime target is always to get people on side. They go out of their way to create harmonious relationships where everyone wins.

As presenting is all about people ‘Facilitators’ are already in a very strong position to excel as an exceptional presenter.They are already natural communicators who when taking the time to craft their story, style and presentations skills become gifted presenters

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