Public Speaking: What is public speaking?

Public Speaking: What is public speaking?

Remember that time at school when the teacher asked you to read a paragraph from a book you were studying out loud to the rest of the class?

Or the time that same teacher asked you to write about your weekend or Easter Break and then read it out loud to your class mates?

Remember the first time you had to share your thoughts out loud with a group of colleagues in a meeting at work?

How about the time your boss asked you to update everyone on a project you were working on?

Any time you had to verbally present something to a group of people you were participating in the act of public speaking.

Ironically it’s the most natural act we have all participated in for thousands of years yet it’s something that many people still struggle with today. The good news for you as someone looking to develop the skill is that you no longer need to battle with it is. Everything you need to know to help you is right here on our website.

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