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    Skills For Charities

    The ability to speak in a way that is clear, creative & compelling can make a significant difference to the hundreds of thousands of charitable organisations working hard to help the world to be a better place.

Communication, public speaking and highly effective presentation skills isn’t something reserved for the commercial world alone

It’s difficult enough leading a charity but I’m told by many that we work with that the last few years have been increasingly arduous. Whether it’s the crucial challenge of fundraising, education or developing strong partnerships, learning to present and communicate with impact is critical.

At Mindful Presenter we recognise and admire the passion and incredible efforts of the countless number of people working so hard to make a big difference that we like to help where we can.

We offer highly tailored presentation skills training courses for charitable organisations at a substantially discounted rate.

We can help

Our presentation skills and public speaking training courses are mindfully crafted to help each organisation meet their specific challenges and objectives. Communicating as effectively as you can with the public, partners, and suppliers is vitally important. With our experience of helping some of the most successful brands in the world present and speak with greater power and presence we can help your charity too. At Mindful Presenter we understand that as a charity you don’t have the same training budgets of many of the big commercial companies, so we are here to help.

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