Presentation Skills: How do you start a presentation?

Presentation Skills: How do you start a presentation?

Some people say that you have 10 seconds to grab your audience’s attention, some say 30 seconds and others extend that time to as long as a minute. At Mindful Presenter we believe that for the most part you already have your audience’s attention by virtue of the fact that they turned up to listen to you. We believe that the challenge is far greater; you have to capture their interest and curiosity very quickly. There are countless ways to start a presentation but the best ones focus on impact.

Your audience aren’t fish – you don’t need to ‘hook’ them

Presenters – Grab it like you mean it: Their attention that is

Why You Only Have Half a Second to Make an Impression

Six Real Examples of How to Open a Presentation With Impact

The Art and Science of Presenting – Episode 12 – How to make the right first impression

How to Wow Your Audience in Less than 2 Minutes

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