About Us

Changing business one presentation at a time

Mindful Presenter was created to help professionals communicate their ideas with greater awareness, purpose and impact.

Founded by Maurice De Castro, a former Executive of some of the UK’s most successful brands Mindful Presenter leads a unique and powerful way of helping people to develop their public speaking skills.  Whatever business you work in today the one thing that you can be sure your organisation wants from you is strong communication and presentation skills.

With a philosophy that ‘connecting is everything’ our presentation training courses and presentation skills coaching sessions are meticulously crafted to help you to connect and engage with your audience emotionally as well as intellectually.

"Presenting will never be the same again"

What makes us stand out from the crowd is simple but extremely powerful:

We give you the presentation skills you need to be completely in the room with your audience rather than simply in your head. We show you how to do far more than present; you will learn how to connect with impact, authority and grace in a way that is compelling and memorable. Our public speaking skills courses and presentation skills training will help you to lead each time you speak giving you the confidence and tools to become a far more engaging presenter.

Mindful Presenting is the art of inspiring action and leading change.